That Lucky Ginger

Monica is a red head and she is an orphan. She gets picked on because she is a "ginger". Monica doesn't understand most things yet because she is only five. But when you experience things you learn more. Monica experiences and learns about love, school, money, people and most important what its like to be in a family.


3. Overhearing

Niall's P.O.V

"Are you sure you want to return her?" Eleanor asked. "I am.if I can't date Becca if I have Moni the I am going to give Moni back"I said.

Monica's P.O.V

I was going to the kitchen to get a cookie but I heard daddy say that he is going to return me. I was going to cry but then I realized that if he doesn't want me then he can't have me. I grabbed walked downstairs "hi baby" da- I mean Niall said. I ignored him and walked in the kitchen and I saw uncle Liam there. "Hiya there Moni" he said cheerfully. "Hi leeyum. Can you please give me a cookie?" I asked. "Sure thing" he said and gave me a cookie. "Tankwoo" I said and walked out of the kitchen. "Moni?" I heard Niall say. I stopped walking but I didn't look at Niall. "What's wrong, babes?" He asked. "You don't like me!!" I said. "That's not true. You are wonderful." He said. "But you like your ugly meanie girlfriend better" I said. "Moni!! Say you're sorry!!" He yelled. "No!!" I yelled. "Look, you dont know anything about Becca. She is great" he yelled back. "I dont wanna be here anyways!!!! I wanna new in the orphanage with my friends!! And I don't wanna be adopted by YOU!!" I yelled and ran upstairs and grabbed my stuff. "What are you doing?" Uncle Harry asked. "I am going back to the orphanage!!" I yelled. 

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