Saving the Book of Abraham the Mage

The Mage.
How many people come to your mind when you hear "The Mage?" The Mage makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it? I think of only one person who The Mage could be.
Abraham the Mage.
Don't know who he is? He's the author of a very powerful spell book. You never want that book in the wrong hands.
He was alive so many years ago, but now I've come to tell you the story of his descendants.
Unusual? Very. Predictable? Not so much.
Baylor and Blair are the twin geniuses who have an extremely dangerous secret.
They own the only copy of Abraham's book. Why? He gave it to them himself.
Now it is their job to protect the book with their life. The problem? The most evil and powerful wizard is after it.
For the Movellas 24 hour contest


1. Saving the Book of Abraham the Mage

Baylor walked alongside his twin, trying not to look sketchy- and he knew his twin was doing the same. I mean, who wouldn't if they had a terribly, wonderful, dangerous secret that everyone wants to know? It's scary.

The cars rumbled past us; businessmen talked on phones as they walked down the street, briefcases in hand, all was completely normal.

So why did it feel so wrong?


Blair ran alongside Baylor. They'd been caught. How could they be so stupid? Of course, they were bound to eventually! Their secret was out and it was time to hide. They couldn't get caught- it would ruin everything. And they'd never see their parents again. least their mom. They didn't know about Dad. He gave us the book. He told us to keep it safe. He wrote it-more years ago than even my grandparents' great-grandparents hadn't even been thought of yet.

How, you ask? He's a traveler through time. He is the most powerful wizard that has ever lived.

He's Abraham the Mage.


Abraham took a sharp intake of breath. This was not going well, but he could not intervene yet. Not until they got to the place. Then he could save his children from the dark forces that will overpower them if they don't go soon. He hated it, absolutely with all his heart, that he could not help, but his powers would only bring the an extremely close, imminent death and he could not let that happen. The legacy must be fulfilled. If they die, we all die.


Come on, come on! You must hurry! We cannot wait much longer, my friend.

"I know, but I cannot change that. I am, right now, completely powerless for the good. If I do anything now, everyone will perish."

Nicholas sighed in complete frustration and panic. If they don't make it here in ten minutes, all is lost, no matter what the Mage did now or later.


He watched every clashing thought amongst the stupid humans with great distaste, but complete humor. He laughed at their stupidity and their ignorant thoughts.  This was all in fun. He could destroy them anytime he wanted, but right now was his time to enjoy the entertainment. These small humans may not know it, but they are the easiest entertainment to come by. Even the great Mage and the Immortal Nicholas couldn't compare to these humans. Just a little while longer should suffice...


Gasping, heart pounding in their heads, Baylor and Blair turned the final corner on their difficult trek across the crowded city. A smile finally appeared on the boy's face and the girl's face completely lit up as they saw the sign they needed.

The library.


Abraham sighed in relief and cheered. He could finish what was started so many years ago. He looked to the sky and whispered the words. And in this great time, the great Mage smirked.


"What has happened? Why can't I see anything, or hear it for that matter?"

"They've won, sir..."

"No! They can't have!"

He stood from his chair and looked around with the most terrifying of all glares. Finally, he looked down and what he saw made his blood boil to the point of eruption.

"HOW CAN THIS BE??" he bellowed.

"You will pay for this, Mage. You have doomed you friend and your children," he said in a whisper far more terrifying than his roars.


Nicholas finally saw them at the door and allowed them in and shut the door quickly.

"Very good, children. You have done well and made your father proud," Nicholas said with great affection.

They've done it, Abraham!

"Yes, they ha-"


All he heard were gurgles. Nicholas tried once more to reach him, but with no reply. He told Baylor and Blair to stay and hide the book while he went to The Mage. He didn't like it, but he had a very bad feeling about this. The worst of it was, his feelings hadn't been wrong, yet.


In his last moments, The Mage tried to send a message out to his old friend, but his brain was literally becoming mush. He had been cursed by that voice. "You will pay for this, Mage" he had heard his old friend spit in his mind. The poison of his evil had invaded his mind, killing him with a slow painful death, slow enough to feel the pain in his heart, worse than that of his physical strife, of knowing his children and his friend would be punished as well.

Abraham couldn't start anymore thoughts for the Mage was finally reaching an end to the dark tunnel he'd been trapped in...


They had split up- the twins- to find the perfect spot to hide the precious book. Both breathing heavily, their concentration levels high.

It was Blair who found the spot. She found it and ran to find Baylor. They, as quietly as possible, ran back to the spot and Baylor carefully placed the book down. That's when everything went wrong.


He laughed with more evil power and with more ease than any in history have accomplished- they haven't even come close. Abraham the Mage was finally dead. His children were next. But for some reason, he needed to spare Nicholas. That was the only curious thing about this. Why would he want to spare someone with such great power, not that it compared to his, that would hate him for killing the only family he had ever known?

He didn't find that out until an hour later, and then it was too late.


Confusion and pain. The only things that broke through the numbness that coursed through Nicholas's body. His best friend was dead. How could he have let that happen? He dropped to his knees and screamed in agony for the greatest man he'd ever met.
That's when he made the promise to protect his kids with every ounce of his life. Every ounce of his being. Every drop of the magic that was within him. He would protect the Book of Abraham the Mage with his life.

It was unfortunate he couldn't keep that promise...


They heard the breathing before they heard the creak. Baylor and Blair shared an understanding glance and went their separate ways to find places to hide.

The floor creaked and a man came into view. He was tall with a black uniform on. The darkest, evilest look was spread across his face, but the most hideous, terrifying thing about him was the smile of pure pleasure breaking through all of that. He was enjoying this because he was powerful. And, somehow, they knew they wouldn't be able to stop him. Oh, they would try, but they would eventually fall to their deaths, they knew. quickly thinking of the greatest moments of their short fourteen years of life, they thought harder than they'd ever thought before.

And everything became a blur.


He was in the library with them. The problem was, he didn't know where they were exactly. Still, he masked his thoughtfulness and showed his usual confident, evil demeanor.

He looked around and, suddenly, a fog shadowed everything in the room. He tried to lift it, but somehow something was more powerful than he and he was unable to lift it even the slightest.

He realized then that it was the twins. But that was no matter, for he could defeat anyone- he had killed the great Mage, and who, other than he, was even close to that kind of power. He felt confident that he could handle these two little obstacles. All he really needed was the book. Maybe he could bargain with them.


"You will not be able to win against me, children. I am more powerful than even the great Abraham was. But, I am prepared to bargain with you," said a mighty voice behind the thick veil of fog. "All I wish for is the book. I am prepared to offer you your life in exchange for the great book."

The twins, now standing beside each other, looked at the other and read in the other's eyes the same answer they had. Then, in a moment of amazing strength, greater than either imagined they had, Baylor and Blair accomplished something together their father never had been able to do alone. The twins both held out their hands, palms parallel to the general direction of their enemy, and channeled everything within them toward him.


He stood against the raging winds of the power that he had believed only to be a prophesy of myth. This great, terrible wizard had finally found an opponent in the two young twins that could match his strength together. He was awed, but he was even more so furious. They had made their decision and now they must die.

Struggling to move forward, he held his hands to his face and took a sidestep to the left. It was still difficult to walk, but manageable. He strode forward with a hesitant confidence, knowing these two were in their final moments.


Grieved as he was, Nicholas knew the importance of getting back to the library was, though he didn't know how true that was.

He used every element he could think of to swiftly carry him back to Blair and Baylor.

As he was riding it, the wind whispered something in the great Alchemist's ear that made his eyes grow wide and his hands tremble. He asked with much urgency for the journey to become quicker. He could only hope he wasn't too late.


Baylor could feel the power draining from him, but it seemed Blair could go on longer, so he used any stored energy he had to push his power onto the brutal force in front of them. But, because of the fog, neither one could see that the powerful man was not even in the line of fire.

As Blair fought on the right and Baylor to the left, they blindly used all their energy on a vacant seat. That is, until Blair felt her brother's power completely leave her side.


Baylor groaned as he tried to sit up from the blow he'd just been given by the man. He knew he was in his last moments, but death, it seemed, would not be his at this moment. He still had a little time, and he knew that much when he saw fire blazing from the door, headed straight for the man.

Nicholas had made it.


He stood at the door and let the elements take over his body, flames shooting down his arm and towards the once good wizard. They knocked him down and Nicholas became disoriented. The flames had never been a course of action before, so he became dizzy. He must get over that soon or his promise will be lost among the grey shadows while the children would become a part of the dark shadows.


He stepped out in front of the alchemist.

"Well, well. I didn't expect you to be here. Shouldn't you be crying over the...unfortunate....passing of Abraham?" he said with fake sympathy and complete smugness.

The only thing Nicholas could do in response was glare at him with enough force to give the man a headache that he wouldn't admit to, because Blair and Baylor cried out in complete misery, for they had just come to know of their father's death. They knew that all was lost for them now.


Nicholas gathered his strength together to form one concentrated group of all his magical essence. He made eye contact with first the twins, then staring at the evil wizard with such focus, you would think was looking at difficult algorithm.

Both of his arms outstretched and the palms of his hands were facing the old, black wizard.

The twins faced him too, and just before they joined their father at the end of the tunnel, they and Nicholas rid the world of the evil man.

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