Twisted (Sequel to Without You)

SEQUEL to Without You! Zayn Malik was just getting back on his feet, he was just accepting the fate that had happened to him and the one he loved Niall Horan. He had moved on, yes it was with a bad person, but he didn't see it like that. He wasn't ready for the news that escaped his new lovers lips, he wasn't ready for the news that would change everything.


8. Woops

-Harry’s POV-


Breaking point. Everyone has their own, everyone has their own points to which they just want to rip someone’s throat out and scream at the top of their lungs. I have my flaws, I have fucked up a lot in my 23 years on this earth, I am not proud of that. I have a lot I need to work on. I know all of this. But did I really deserve to see this? Did I really deserve to have the feeling of your heart being ripped into a thousand pieces and stomped on into dust? I don’t think I deserved any of this. Zayn never seemed like the type to just throw someone he said he loved to the curb, he always seemed like he was the type to love you forever. He always has had a bug heart, I wanted to share it with him the rest of my life. I felt envious of Niall, I felt like he was the reason all this shit happened. If he had just stayed with his stupid plan on leaving Zayn forever then none of this would have happened. Zayn would still be mine, I would be the one kissing Zayn in our house. Not Niall. I know the feeling of being in love, I know the feeling you get when you see them and you just want to be close to them. You just want to be touching them in any way that you can. You never want to be away from them, you have you because of life, but after you meet up again all you want to do is be there with them. I couldn’t even think straight, my throat had dried. I tried to swallow, but it didn’t help. I just stood there watching Zayn as his expression dropped from happiness to fear. I felt someone walk up next to me and grip my arm, I snapped my head up to the person who was touching me. It was Guy, he looked at me with concern and understanding in his eyes. I looked back to see Zayn standing up and walking towards me. I shook my head back and forth not really sure what I’m doing.


“Harry please just let me explain” Zayn finally spoke up. I tried to answer him, but all that came out was a squeak. He sighed and stopped walking to me. I bit my bottom lip and looked down at the ground feeling tears streaming down my nose, I couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. My heart was breaking.


“Zayn?” I finally muster out. Zayn’s face twists into sorrow and pain. He reaches out for me, I don’t know why I did it. But I slapped him, I slapped him right across the face hopefully leaving a sizeable red mark on his cheek. Zayn gripped the side of his face stepping back, Niall jumped up from the couch he was sitting on and wrapped his arms around Zayn who was whimpering slightly. Good. I growled in disgust at the two men in front of me. Zayn looked up at me with watery eyes.


“What the fuck Harry? What was that for?” Niall shouts as he holds Zayn tightly. I glare at him and debate if I should punch Niall too.


“He’s a cheating asshole that’s why.” I spit at him. Niall bars his teeth and me and growls. I huff and turn around to find a hurt looking Guy behind me. I instantly realize what I had just said. I said Zayn’s a cheater, Guy didn’t know I was dating Zayn. Shit.


“Guy, I’m-” I start, but Guy waves me off and starts speaking.


“Just forget it.” He snaps turning to walk out the room. Fuck, I am royally fucked aren’t I? Guy walks out of the room and I chase after him, he was already to his car. He hasn’t opened the door yet so I ran to him and grabbed his arm. He flinched and turned around, his eyes slightly red like he was on the verge of tears. Shit, I caused this, I caused him to cry. Now I really hate myself. Why can’t I do anything right anymore.


“Harry what do you want?” Guy sighs looking down to the ground. I didn’t know what else to do, I reached up and cupped my hand around Guy’s perfectly shaped face. I leaned down slightly and crashed my lips onto his. The feel of his lips on mine were perfect. His fit around mine like they were meant to be. Our lips moved in perfect synchronization. After we were both out of breath we broke the kiss, my forehead leaning on his.


“Don’t ever leave me.” I panted.


-Zayn’s POV-


“Zayn are you okay?” Niall asked once I had stopped crying, I was sort of frozen you could say. I was sitting on my couch with Niall’s arms wrapped around me. I felt myself thawing out. I could finally move my head to look over at Niall.


“I need to call Louis” I say my voice strongest than I had expected. Niall nodded getting up to grab my phone. He returned a moment later handing me my phone. It was really weird. I didn’t feel all that messed up by what just happened. I mean yea my face hurt like a bitch, but I wasn’t that sad. Knowing that Niall is back and that he still wants me is all I ever wanted to hear, now that I can I don’t think anything could get me down. I reached for my phone and scrolled through the L’s looking for Louis number. Once I found it I hit the call button. I put the phone up to my ear listening to the dial tone.


“H-Hello-o?” Louis voice rang out, I sounded like he had just ran three miles, that’s weird.


“He Lou, you’ll never guess what happened…” I trail off, I haven’t even told him about Niall. This is going to be interesting.


“W-what Ha- HAPPENED!?” He shouts, why is he shouting? That’s weird. I sigh and try to think of the best way to say it. I decide just to say it.


“Well Niall’s alive, don’t ask me how he just is. I went to see him and it’s true. I took him home and Harry came back and found Niall and I kissing, he flipped out and slapped me and left.” I quickly spill out. I hear panting on the other end, wait was that a moan? What the fuck?


“S-seriously? Oh fuck Li, yes right there” Louis moaned. HOLY FUCK!!!


“OH MY GOD!! LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON YOU ARE NOT HAVING SEX WHILE I’M TRYING TO TALK TO YOU!!!!” I shout into the phone. I hear another moan and hit the end call button throwing my phone on the ground. I feel really dirty now. Niall is looking at me with a confused face.


“That was the worst thing I have ever experienced” I stutter out. Niall starts laughing like a hyena. I think he knows that happened.


“I was waiting for that to happen to one of us!” He laughed. I started to laugh to, this whole damned situation was so fucked up. First Niall fakes his death and leaves me broken to pieces. Then I end up with Harry who seems to be very abusive. Then Niall comes back and I am still madly in love with this boy in front of me. I have dreamt of the day I would see him again, I never thought those dreams would come true.


“Well maybe we should talk about us.” Niall says looking down at his feet. That would probably be a good idea since we really don’t know what to do. I know I should hate his guts for doing this to me, but I don’t. I don’t know why I don’t hate him I just don’t.


“Yea, so what should we do?” I ask sitting up slightly straighter. He sighs and looks up into my eyes like he is trying to search for something.


“I want to pick up where we left off, but I don’t know if that’s possible.” He says softly. I grab his hand and rub circles in it.


“I don’t ever want to see you look so sick again, that’s where we left off. Speaking of which… how is your cancers?” I ask feeling slightly like I’m prying. He grins, that has to be a good sign right?


“Well I had a miss diagnosis on the brain cancer, I still have lung cancer but it’s manageable now. I have to get Chemo every few weeks.” He states. I smile at the good news. I am happy for him, he shouldn’t be the one to be so sick, he is too adorable to be sick.


“That’s great news! Then should we start off from before Paris?” I suggest. He grins wider and nods like a bobble head. I chuckle and bring my hand up to his chin and peck his lips quickly.


“Glad you like that idea.” I wink kissing him hard again.

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