Twisted (Sequel to Without You)

SEQUEL to Without You! Zayn Malik was just getting back on his feet, he was just accepting the fate that had happened to him and the one he loved Niall Horan. He had moved on, yes it was with a bad person, but he didn't see it like that. He wasn't ready for the news that escaped his new lovers lips, he wasn't ready for the news that would change everything.


17. Story

HEY! Guess what? I'm BACK!!


-Zayn’s POV-


Niall finally got out of his funk, I don’t know what was wrong with him. I think it was just his hormones. They have been going crazy ever since he found out he was pregnant. I don’t want to complain but it really is annoying. We are currently lying in bed watching TV in our hotel room. He is cuddled up to my side, his head resting against my chest. I look down at him and smile, he is so adorable when he’s all cuddly. He must have felt my eyes on him because he looked up at me with his wide curious blue eyes. Those blue eyes that have hypnotized me since we first met. I fell in love with his eyes the second mine laid on his.


“What are you looking at?” He asks, pulling me out of my thoughts. I tighten my grip on his waist and pull him closer. I am starting to notice all the effects of the loss of chemo. He was doing well for a while, but I can see the faint resemblance of purple bruises under his eyes. I haven’t said anything, I think he is hoping I just won’t notice, but they are starting to become unnerving. I hate to be such a worry wart but it’s hard to not worry when the one you love is sick. And it’s the type of sick you can’t do anything about. Not a day passes when I don’t wish he had said yes to me that day in Paris when I asked him to marry me. But, I will wait for him. I would wait my entire life to be with him. I never want to rush him or push him into doing anything. I just want him to be ready, as ready as he wants to be.


“You” I smile. He rolls his eyes and buries his head in my shoulder, I could see a blush on his cheeks as he does this. I chuckle and squeeze him.


“You want to know what I was thinking about.” Niall asks slowly. I look at him and nearly scoff, why would he think I wouldn’t want to know every thought that’s ever crossed his mind? If I could read his mind I would love it.  I nod slowly and he looks down.


“Baby names.” He says so quietly I was surprised I heard him. I smiled, I’m glad he was thinking of names, we need to come up with a really cute baby girl name.


“What were you thinking love?” I ask, he sits up and gets comfortable. He clears his throat and starts to speak but I stop him.


“Wait, let’s make this a game.” I wink. Niall furrows his brows in confusion. I stand up and walk to the other side of the room. I grab a notebook and scissors. I walk back over to Niall who was watching me with a face full of confusion. I chuckle and sit on the edge of the bed. I cut tiny squares out of the notebook paper. I gave Niall 5 and gave myself 5. He looked at the paper than back up to me. I laughed and grabbed 2 pens off the night stand.


“Okay, write your top 5 baby girl names and I’ll do the same. We will swap and choose our 2 most favorite then decide from there!” I explain. Niall grins and nods. He snatches the pen up and quickly starts writing his top 5 choices. I do the same. I choose: Emma, Mia, Chloe, Taylor, and Story. I like the unique names, but I wasn’t so sure about what Niall would think of them so I only chose 1. I looked up and Niall was smiling at his finished 5 cards. I nodded and we swapped.


“No judging my names okay?” Niall asks with a nervous grin. I lean over and peck his lips, lingering slightly longer than needed but neither of us minded.


“I wouldn’t dream of it.” I whisper against his lips. His mouth turns up into a smile and he nods. We both look down at the cards. Niall’s beautiful messy handwriting is scribbled across the papers I smile and begin to read his choices. I was shocked by how he liked some unique names as well. Niall had written: Erica, Jacky, Nevada, Rosie, Mia. I grinned at how we both liked the name Mia. I chose my top two favorites: Nevada and Mia. I looked up and placed my top two upside down in front of both Niall and I. Niall did the same and we both looked into each other’s eyes before we flipped them over at the same time. I looked down at the names he had chosen and grinned. He liked the names Story and Mia.


“So I think we agree on having Mia be a name for our baby girl?” I chuckle he nods and smiles looking down at my choices I had laid out in front of him.


“Story Mia Malik, S.M.M.” Niall laughs. I smile and nod I like the sound of it, but I don’t like that he wants to have my last name, what’s wrong with his last name?


“What about, Story Mia Horan, S.M.H?” I counter. He shakes his head quickly. I give him a puzzled look, I don’t understand him. Why doesn’t he want to have our baby girl keep his last name? Niall smiles down at his hands in his lap.


“I don’t want her to have my last name. I want her to be a Malik. She’d make a great Malik” He explains. I just stare at him, I don’t understand but I don’t think I want to know why. I just nod and he smiles. Maybe one day he will tell me why he doesn’t want her to be a Horan.


“Story, I think that’s a cute but unique name. I think our baby girl is named Story Mia Malik.” Niall says looking down at his baby belly and rubbing it slowly. I grinned and nodded. I’m glad we both liked a name, I was a little scared we wouldn’t agree on what we wanted to name Story. I crawled up closer to him pulling him close to me. He smiled and nuzzled into the crook of my neck. We sat there in silence, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. We sat for about 10 minutes until I heard my phone ringing. I groaned but slowly got up and walked to the kitchen to grab my phone. I didn’t check the caller I.D. I just answered it.


“Hello?” I answer, I turn and smile at how cute Niall looks right now. He is laying on the bed stroking his stomach slowly, cooing down to it softly. I almost forgot I had picked up my phone and someone was on the other end. I snapped back into reality when a very familiar voice sounded through the other end of the phone.


“Zayn?” Louis voice sang through the other end of the phone. His voice was coated with worry, but maybe I was just imagining it since Louis never calls me. Wait, why is Louis calling me? He never calls me. I am the one who’s supposed to call him.


“Lou? What’s wrong? Why are you calling me?” I ask worriedly, I glance up and look at Niall. He must have heard me saying Louis name because he had sat up and is now watching me with worried eyes. I shook my head trying to tell him not to worry, but I think he knows me better than I thought.


“Um, Z… I think, just… Zayn you need to leave that hotel now.” Louis said trying to stay calm. I nearly dropped the phone, why would I need to leave the hotel? No one knows we are even here. WAIT! How did Louis even know we were here? I never told him Niall and I were at a hotel. I just told him we were in hiding. This is crazy, how did he find any of this out? This is insane!


“How did you-?” I start to ask but he cuts me off.


“It doesn’t matter just leave. NOW!” He shouts. I nod but realize he can’t see me since we are talking through the phone.


“Okay, were going now.” I say and hang up the phone. Niall is still watching me with worry written across his face. I don’t know what to tell him without it worrying him. I don’t even know why we have to leave. I just walk over to our stuff and start packing all our suit cases. Niall walks over to me slowly holding his stomach as he walked.


“What are you doing? Why are you packing all our stuff? I thought we were staying here for another week or two?” He asks throwing questions at me so quickly they just seem to fly over my head. I just stay quiet and continue packing I don’t have time to answer all his questions.


“Zayn! Answer me!” He shouts pulling me out of my panic. I look over at him and I see tears forming in his eyes. I stop and wrap my arms around him pulling him as close as he could to me.


“Please don’t cry. We have to leave baby. I don’t know why but Louis said we have to leave.” I explain giving him one last squeeze before going back to packing. He sniffled and I felt his hands packing the bags with me. We both packed in a hurried fashion until everything was in bags. We had 4 bags and I didn’t want Niall to carry anything. They aren’t light bags, pregnant people aren’t supposed to carry anything heavier than the size of a new born baby. I grabbed all four and attempted to walk to the door, I knocked over a lamp and bumped into a wall. I heard Niall stifle his laughter before he rushes over to me.


“Here let me take a bag.” He soothes grabbing one of the bags. I sigh and allow him to take it only because it’s the lightest one we have and we have to get out of this hotel in one run to the car. We can’t risk having people to see us. Niall and I run out of the room and down to the lobby. I walk quickly to the front desk. A woman with dark brown hair that fell down to her butt was typing on a computer when I walked up to her. She glanced up and smiled when she saw I was handing her a room key.


“Are you checking out?” She asks in a high toned voice. I nod and hand her the key and pull out my wallet. Guy had only paid for the first few weeks. We rented the room for a couple more, I need to pay for the rest of our stay. She swiped her fingers over the keys and pulled up our room.


“Mr. Malik?” She asks smiling at me and looking back up to me. I nod and she swipes my credit card. I think she picked up on how worried I am. She typed some more on the computer and I heard the sound of a printer somewhere in the back of the room. I turned and Niall was watching me from afar. He had put on an oversized sweater but you could still slightly see his belly. To someone who wasn’t really looking he just looked like he was fat, but to anyone who really looked you could see that it wasn’t just fat. I looked back to the woman who had just walked back to the counter with a small stack of papers. She smiled and handed them to me.


“You need to sign all of these and initial here.” She said pointing to the stack of papers. I groaned, do I really have to sign all of these? This is going to take forever. The woman looked at me with a worried glance. She looked around and back to me before she whispered.


“Just sign this one, I’ll do the rest.” She said passing me one of the papers. I give her a thankful smile and signed it.


“Thank you so much.” I say and grab the bags I had set down so I could check out. I turned to Niall and he nodded. We walked to the door Niall still looked worried but he was trying to hide it.


-Niall’s POV-


Have you ever had a regret? Have you ever thought back to one of your major decisions in life and wished you have chosen a different path? Wished you had said yes instead of no, or the other way around? I have, I do. I wish I had said yes all those months ago to Zayn when he had asked me to marry him. I wish I hadn’t have been too stupid and had just said yes. I know the reason I said no was because I thought I was going to die, but I still should have said yes. There’s nothing I can really do now, I just have to wait until he asks again or until I get the guts to ask him. Maybe one day I can man up and ask him to marry me. Until then I’m happy just being with Zayn. He just checked us out of the hotel and is walking over to me, I give him a nervous smile and pick up the bag he allowed me to carry. We walk to the door and Zayn pushes the doors open. I gasp at the sight in front of us. A huge group of people are standing in front of the hotel with cameras and they are shouting and crowding around us. They start flashing their cameras when they see me. It takes me a few minutes to realize what they are shouting at us.


“Niall! Show us your baby bump!”


“Niall are you really a pregnant man?”


“Is Zayn really the dad or is there someone else?” I gasp at that last question being thrown at us. They start to crowd closer to us. They are pushing closer and closer. I can feel the walls around me caving in. A black ring forms around my line of vision. The whole sight in front of me blurs, everyone’s faces become blurry. I feel the whole world shaking around me, I look to y left where I knew Zayn was standing. I felt myself falling, but I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t know if I was just imagining it or if I was actually falling, I couldn’t hear anything either. Then the whole world went black, I was falling into the deep abyss of nothing. Blackness.


Hey guys! so I'm back from my vacation camping trip thing. It was fun, I got to spend time with my aunt who has cancer. She is amazing. Also I got to see One Direction on July 30th!! OH MER GERD it was perfect! so my friends Deja and I went early before the concert and went behind the arena and watched the boys come into the place. So we saw Harry Styles and he pulled into the place in a bright red mustang. I want his car. Then we saw Zayn come in, he was in a black SUV. So after Deja and I walked across the street to this park thing and we sat and THEN we saw 5 seconds of summer. For those of you who don't know I have a undying love for Ashton Irwin, which is their drummer. He is HOT! so there I was sitting down and then their tour bus came around the corner. (I knew it was theirs because they have stuff animals in the front window.) and so I stood up to watch it and then ASHTON IRWIN WAS IN THE BACK WINDOW! he was smiling and looking around and Deja and I were the only people on the park side of the bus and Ashton was on that side. I called his name and he turned and smiled at me and I waved and he waved back! IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT! WE ARE MEANT TO BE! He doesn't know it yet but I will marry him. His waving was his way of proposing ;) okay so this was a long authors note... if you read this YAY for you! if not ehh.... comments are lovely thanks guys<3  

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