Twisted (Sequel to Without You)

SEQUEL to Without You! Zayn Malik was just getting back on his feet, he was just accepting the fate that had happened to him and the one he loved Niall Horan. He had moved on, yes it was with a bad person, but he didn't see it like that. He wasn't ready for the news that escaped his new lovers lips, he wasn't ready for the news that would change everything.


19. promise me

hey guys! sorry the update took forever. I wasn't sure if it was ready to post yet or not. I wanted to make it longer but it just didn't happen. Sorry...


-Zayn’s POV-


I walked over to the chair that they had for the patient’s family and friends to sit in. I sat down and looked over to Niall. He looked just as confused and I feel. Well at least he doesn’t know anything more than I do. They told me Story would be fine, what could be the news? Paul flipped through some of his papers until he landed on the one he was looking for.


“What’s wrong with my baby?” Niall asked. His voice coming out small and scared. I could see how scared he was just from the way he rubbed his stomach and wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone. I heard Paul sigh and I looked up at him. He looked worried, but happy. I don’t understand what’s going on.


“Nothing is wrong with her per say. It’s just… well… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s something I’ve never seen before in my time as a doctor.” What does he mean by that? He’s never seen any of this, they haven’t had a pregnant man well… ever as far as I know. Both Niall and eye stared at him with wide eyes just waiting for him to continue. I saw him gulp before he continued with his explanation.


“Well, like I said last time you were here. For some weird reason Niall is growing very large very quickly. I thought it was nothing, but then I did some tests. I ran some blood tests and looked over the last ultra sound and I couldn’t believe what I saw.” He said his voice sounding shocked but very curious at what he found. Niall gulped and I nodded letting him know to continue and keep telling his news.


“For some unnatural reason, your baby girl is growing at a faster rate than the average baby. I looked into it and I think it has to do with how Niall was able to become pregnant. I don’t know exactly why but we can only guess.” Paul finishes. My throat goes dry, why is my baby girl growing so quickly? If she is growing faster what will happen once she is out? Will she continue to grow at a faster rate than the average child? All these questions and more were soaring through my mind making my head spin. I didn’t know what to think, everything seemed so surreal.


“Then how far along am I really?” Niall croaked out, his voice thick with worry. That’s a good question, I should have thought about that. If Niall is farther along than he should be then when is our baby girl coming.


“From the tests and ultra sounds I would say you’re about 7 months, and you will be 9 months in about 3 weeks.” Paul explained. I felt my jaw drop. Our baby girl was going to be out to see the world in three weeks. I don’t think I’m ready for this. I need more time to get ready to be a daddy. I thought I still had 7 more months until I had to grow a pair and become a father.


“I also have some other news, but I think I should tell Niall this only.” Paul said looking down awkwardly at his clipboard. I looked over at Niall who looked like he was slightly pissed off, I guess that’s the baby hormones talking…


“Whatever you have to say to me you can say to Zayn. He is my boyfriend.” He snapped, Paul looked at him shocked at how harsh Niall’s tone was. I smirked, that’s my baby. Paul nodded and flipped through his clip board like he had lost something. Once he finally settled on the paper he needed he looked back up to Niall with a very sympathetic look. That look scared me, that’s the look they give their patients that they know are dying.


“Maybe he is ri-” I start to say but Niall glares at me, I gulp. Okay I don’t want to piss off the pregnant man. Who knows what will happen to you. Paul coughed but I could tell he was using that to cover up the laugh he had. I sighed and looked back to Paul waiting for him to tell us the bad news.


“So as we knew before all of the pregnancy, Niall has lung cancer. Well, we thought that taking him off of chemo for the time being would be fine but we are finding that the cancer is worsening in your body. We have to start you on a treatment now, or you won’t have long.” Paul says. My heart sinks, I can’t lose Niall. I need him, he is everything to me. I jump up and rush over close to Niall and grab his hand entwining our fingers. He looks scared but something deep down tells me he isn’t scared for himself, but the baby that’s growing inside him.


 “So what do we need to do then Paul? What can we do to make sure Niall’s okay?” I ask, I can feel Niall looking at me. I turn to see he looks shocked, why is he looking at me like that?


“What can we do to save Story?” Niall asked. I was right, he is more worried about the baby then himself. I know that’s sweet of him, but I can’t lose him and the baby. I need them both in my life to survive.


“Well I think we can save you both, but the surgery is a little risky. I would need you to sign papers and have you fully understand the risks involved.” Niall was shaking his head up and down looking close to a bobble head. Paul sighed, I get this feeling he is even worried about this procedure.


“Niall I need you to understand, we might not be able to save you both. This procedure would be an early C-section and your baby girl is only 7 months old. That’s a little early for her to be taken out. We might want to wait at least another week, but if we wait I don’t know if you will be strong enough for the procedure. This is the problem.” Paul explains. It’s like the walls are closing in on me, this is all too much. He is saying there is a large possibility we lose one of them. I can’t lose them that would crush me, it would ruin me.


“I don’t care what happens to me! Just save my baby!” Niall demands. My jaw dropped. He just answered my worst fears. He wants Paul to save the baby before he tries to save Niall.


“What are you talking about Niall!? You have to live to! I can’t raise our baby girl without you. I can’t do it, I would be a terrible dad without you. Please baby let them help you too.” I beg, tears began streaming down my face. Niall looked at me with fear, I don’t think he has ever seen me like this.


“Shh, Zee, calm down. You will be a perfect dad no matter what happens to me during that procedure. I know you can do it with or without me.” He soothes rubbing my hand and kissing it before looking back over to Paul. He gave us a sad look and pulled out some papers from his ever famous clipboard. He sighed and handed them to me. I looked them over sadly seeing there was a very long list of things that could go wrong during this. I sighed, they were going to transplant his lungs too. That’s very risky.


“Why is he having a transplant?” I asked, Paul never mentioned it when he was telling us about it. I think he knew Niall was more worried about the baby then himself so he let it slip his mind.


“The cancer is spreading throughout his lungs. He has been on the transplant list since the day he was diagnosed, but since he now has this baby they bumped him up on the list and he is eligible to have one as soon as possible. He needs the transplant to survive Zayn.” Paul explains, he adds the last part when he sees the fear and worry flash through my eyes. I shake my head, I can’t believe I am co-signing to this. I take the pen Paul handed me and signed my name on the co-signing line. I passed the paper to Niall who was quick to sign, he didn’t even read it over. He is so eager to save our baby girl. He passed the papers back to Paul who gave us a tight smile and a sigh.


“Okay, I’m going to book the surgery and I’ll be back later to tell you when it is.” He said before he walked from the room. Niall sighed and cuddled up close to me. I hugged him tightly being careful to watch the baby bump.


“You know you scare me sometimes right?” I say quietly into his hair, he shrugged and looked up at me with his round blue eyes. I gave him a small smile and leaned down, closing the small gap between us and pressing my lips to his softly. We pulled apart and I leaned my head against his.


“Promise me something.” He whispered. I nodded, I think I’m going to regret this but how can I say no to him?


“Promise me, no matter what happens to me you will take care of Story? You will love her with just as much love as you would if I were there with you guys. And you won’t be to sad, you will move on?” Niall asked entwining our fingers and playing with them. My heart was breaking from his words. I can’t believe he is saying any of this. He is going to be okay, I know it.


“You’re going to be fine Ni, I know it.” I say without answering his question. He looks at me with his cute frustrated face. I smile and kiss his nose trying to make him lighten up. He sighs and squeezes my hand.


“Please Zayn, please promise me.” He says in a begging tone. I lick my lips. I hate this, that I have to promise him something like this but I can’t say no. It would break his heart and that’s the last thing I want to do to him. I sigh and nod.


“I promise Niall.”


Hey.. so like I said before sorry it's short. I've had a lot on my mind. I got these new fake nails and they are so cute but they make it hard to type and text so I think that's one of the reasons I didn't update.. but mainly it's because my whole family is getting on me to start looking into colleges. I mean I still have time. I'm a junior! (which is year 3 of high school for those who don't know...) but they want me to start applying and getting things ready. they want me to go to nice colleges and stuff but I don't have any form of a scholar ship so money is a major issue, but ugh whatever. I don't even want to think about it. So I'm sorry if the updates suck and are slow I have to start looking into my future I guess... I want to move to London but I cant cause I'm American and you can only move there if you have a job or are going to school... so I'll be looking into school there! maybe... so enough about me... thanks for reading :) comment!

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