Twisted (Sequel to Without You)

SEQUEL to Without You! Zayn Malik was just getting back on his feet, he was just accepting the fate that had happened to him and the one he loved Niall Horan. He had moved on, yes it was with a bad person, but he didn't see it like that. He wasn't ready for the news that escaped his new lovers lips, he wasn't ready for the news that would change everything.


6. Please (Mature)

AN: hey guys! So upon request.. There is smut towards the end. If you don't want to read it just read to where I put the warning :) thanks guys!


-Zayn's POV-

I couldn't believe it. He was actually sitting there right in front of me. I didn't know what to do. Everything seemed to be spinning in circles in my mind. Nothing seemed to make sense to me anymore. I felt like everything I had ever been told was a lie. He couldn't be here sitting in front of me. I was there, I was right next to him when his heart stopped. I was there when his heart monitor flat lined it was physically impossible for him to be right there. Niall turned to see me. His eyes widened in fear, it was almost as if he had no idea I was coming. I felt anger boiling up inside me. How dare he do this, he let me believe he had died. It's obvious he wanted me to believe he was dead, he wouldn't have allowed me to suffer this long if he didn't. He probably planned on ending us, but didn't have the balls to do so. I was so angry at the Irish boy sitting in front of me. He opened his mouth, I don't know what got into me. My fist balled up and before I knew it my tightly clenched fist was colliding with Niall's jaw. My hand stung from the force of the punch. Niall's head snapped back, his face contorted into pain. I heard someone gasp. My was snapped up to see who was the source of the gasp. It was Paul.

"Niall? Are you alright?" Paul gasps running over to Niall to check out his face. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. I hope I really messed up his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I think I deserved that though." He says in his sweet Irish accent. It's exactly how I remember. My heart breaks at the sound of his voice. I've missed him so much, I just didn't realize it. It had taken a few years to finally get over the fact that he was gone. I pushed all my longing and sorrow into the back if my mind. I never thought I would have to revisit this feeling. I never thought he would just be sitting right in front of me. He's been gone for so long.

"Why." I say. It comes out more as a statement than a question. Niall gulps and throws his head into his hands. He shook his head muttering something I couldn't understand. Paul placed his hand on Niall's shoulder.

"I did it to protect you. I didn't want to hurt you anymore. I could see how you wanted Harry. With me out of the picture you could have your happy ending rather than having to deal with me and all my problems. Me getting kidnapped was planned." He admits. I feel my heart explode. How could he even think that? I had no feelings for Harry at that time. Niall was my everything, still is...

"Y-you planned the kidnapping? You planned everything?" I stutter out. Niall sighs and nods.


"H-how could you do that to me?! I loved you! I still do! You planned all of this? You planned getting raped and abused to? Or was that all bullshit like this whole god damned situation?!" I shout getting louder and louder.

"Well all of it besides the rape part.. I didn't know Simon. That was all Harry's idea. He suggested I get 'kidnapped' then when he found out about what Simon was doing, he tried to call it all off. That's why Simon let me go. Not without seriously hurting me no. But he still let me go. Then I came up with the idea of faking my own death. It was the only thing I could think of to let you go. I was right. You're happy with Harry now aren't you?" He asks. I hadn't noticed my eyes were tearing up until I felt the first tear fall down my cheek. I shook my head. This was all to much to comprehend.

"Why did you think I didn't want you?" I ask. I don't really know if I want to know the answer to that question.

"I could just tell you wanted Harry." He says with a sad look. I must be imagining the sadness in his voice, he obviously wasn't sad about what he did. Paul cleared his throat, I looked over at him to see him standing by his desk with an awkward expression on his face.

"Boys, I think you both need to sit down and talk about this. Although I need you both to go into the hospital part of the hospital so we can give you both our check ups." He says clasping his hand together in front of him. Niall nods and gets up. I grunt and walk out of the room. We slowly walk down the white hallway to one of the hospital rooms. I walk in first and take the first bed in the room. Niall files in after me taking the bed farthest in the room. I look around the room and realization hits me. This is the room where I first met Niall.

-Louis POV-

"LiLi! Baby come here!" I playfully whined. Liam laughed and walked into our bedroom. I turned to check my phone one last time. I haven't heard from Zayn in a few hours. That's not normal. I shrug it off and turn back to see Liam hovering over me. His arms are on either side of my head.


"Well hey there" I chuckle with a wink. He smiles and leans down to press his lips to mine. I kiss him back with just as much force. His lips and mine move perfectly together. He runs his tongue across my bottom lip. He wants access, I think I'm going to mess with him. I keep my lips close tightly denying him access into my mouth. Liam groans against my lips causing me to smile into the kiss. He trails his hand down the side of me stopping once he gets to my crotch. I shiver at his touch but still keep my lips pressed tightly together. Liam positions himself so he is directly over me, he roughly grinds his groin into mine. I moan at the sudden friction feeling my pants growing tighter and tighter. Liam takes this opportunity to dart his tongue into my mouth. I deepen the kiss allowing our tongues to dance together. Liam pulls back breaking the kiss. He is panting.

"I love you" he says in a deep and husky voice, it's filled with lust. God he's sexy.

"I love you too." I reply pulling him back in for another kiss. I run my hands down his sides and up his shirt. I run my fingers across his abs, he moans at the touch. I pull up his shirt and he helps pull it completely off. Liam might be bigger than me, but I can be just as strong if I try. I wrap my arms around him and flip us over so I'm on top. Liam chuckles.

"Someone's frisky" he winks. I roll my eyes and attack his neck with kisses. I softy bite down and suck on the tender skin. Liam cry out and moans. I smirk and continue sucking at his skin. Once I am satisfied with the size of the love bite I gave him I pulls back and kiss his lips. Liam smiles and pulls off my shirt quickly. I laugh and kiss him more. I trail kisses down Liam's jaw and neck. When I get to his abs I stop. I smirk and allow my tongue to poke out and lick my way down to Liam's crotch. His hips thrust up quickly. I have to hold his hips down, once I get to his jeans I use my teeth to pull them down.

"Oh my god Louis stop teasing me" he moans. I smirk and pulls of his boxers. He is already rock hard. I take his member in my hand and stroke it slowly. He moans softly. I release him and pulls off my pants.

"I want to ride you Liam." I blurt out. His face is full of lust. He nods and starts stroking his hard cock. I grab the small box I keep under our bed. I open it and pull out some lube and a condom. Liam grabs the condom and slowly rolls it on his hard member. He grabs the lube and puts a good amount on his fingers. I lay back and allow him to position himself. He takes his finger and runs it along the rim of muscle. I moan softly at the contact. He slowly inserts his first finger pushing past the resistance. I squeak from the slight pain. It burns slightly. Liam stops and waits for me to adjust. Once the pain is past I nod and he slides in a second finger. He slowly curls them around and thrusts them inside me. When I am groaning and moaning enough he pulls them out and lays back on his back. I crawl on top of him and position myself above his length. I slowly slide myself down onto him, feeling how big he is.

"Shit Lou, you're so tight." He cusses. Liam only cusses during sex. I find it really hot. I sit on him and wait for myself to adjust. Once the pain is no longer there, and all I feel is pleasure, I slowly move my hips around. Liam moans at my movements. I start to bring myself up and down onto him. He moans louder grabbing at my hips and forcing me down harder. I moan at how quickly he is forcing me down. I grab onto my own length and tart pumping. I lean forward and allow Liam to control my hips. Suddenly he flips us over so I'm on my back.

"My turn" he smirks. I wink at him and grab onto his back. He starts pounding into me. I am moaning and screaming out his name. Everything feels so good, I can't even think straight. Before I know it I feel a tingling feeling in my stomach.

"Li, I'm... I'm going to.." But it's to late. Hot spurts of come are squirting all over my stomach. Liam moans out one last time going over the edge and coming inside the condom. He rides out both of are orgasums. Liam pulls out and rolls off his condom tying it off and throwing it in the trash can. He crawls back onto the bed and cuddles up beside me. I turn and cuddle into his chest. He both fall asleep breathing heavily. That was amazing.


AN: so that's my attempt at smut.. Sorry if it sucks.. Let me know if it's good and you want more.. Or if I should stop. Thanks for reading guys :) ~savannah

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