Twisted (Sequel to Without You)

SEQUEL to Without You! Zayn Malik was just getting back on his feet, he was just accepting the fate that had happened to him and the one he loved Niall Horan. He had moved on, yes it was with a bad person, but he didn't see it like that. He wasn't ready for the news that escaped his new lovers lips, he wasn't ready for the news that would change everything.


2. Ghosts

-Zayn’s POV-


I woke up to the sound of someone cooking in the kitchen. I sat up slowly and stretched my arms above my head, when I heard the familiar pop of my bones I got up and walked out to the kitchen. I felt slightly dizzy from my last chemo appointment. My doctor had told me I am almost finished with them. He says I am doing good and may come out cancer free in the end. At least that's good news. As I walked into the kitchen I noticed Harry was standing in front of the stove sipping on a mug of what I assume was coffee for his hangover. His curls were tousled all over his face while he slurped up his coffee. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He leaned into me turning his face so he could see mine. I smiled up at him and he turned around.


“Morning babe” He murmurs. His deep husky voice deep with sleep. I smiled and gave him a short Eskimo kiss. He grinned and turned back to the stove to flip over the pancakes he was making. I walked over to the kitchen table and sat down. I watched as he flipped over the pancakes, he was humming the tune to ‘Little Bird’ by Ed Sheeran. I was thinking about all that had happened last night, I thought over what he had told me. Maybe he was just so drunk he was making up crap, but people say that when others are drunk, secrets come out.


“Haz?” I say hesitantly, I get the feeling I should come about this issue nicely. He flops the last pancake on a plate and walks over to me. He sets down the plate in front of me and sits across from me still sipping on his mug of coffee.


“Yes?” He says setting down the mug and looking at me. He starts fiddling with the side of the mug, he seems nervous… why?


“Do you remember anything from last night?” I ask picking up my silverware and cutting into the pancakes. They made a scrapping noise on the plate causing both of us to wince at the sound.


“No.” He says extremely monotone. I take a bite of the pancake and suppress a moan. They were really good! I saw Harry smirk at the moan and I blushed. He wasn’t supposed to hear that.


“Oh, okay” I say attempting to get off the topic, I guess he was just really drunk. Harry nodded and sipped at his coffee. We sat and ate in silence, He looked like he was thinking hard about something. I couldn’t put my finger on what it could be though. Harry cleared his throat and opened it to say something then closed it.


“I do remember one thing” He says being sure to not have eye contact with me. I eyed him warily, he fiddled with his mug some more. I watched as he chewed on his bottom lip.


“I um, well… I may have… lied about something…” He says. My heart starts beating quicker. It feels like it might beat out of my chest


“What did you lie about Harry?” I push, I wish he would just say it already. He needs to quit stalling. He lets out a sigh and looks up to meet my eyes. He ruffles his hair pushing it back out of his eyes, I have come to find this is one of his bad habits. He messes with his hair when he is extremely nervous. What is causing him to be so nervous around me?


“Niall-” He started to say, then the phone rang. It screamed out the lyrics to ‘Fabulous’ from High School Musical 2. Yes. That is my ringtone, I had a moment of weakness alright? I paid 2 bucks for it. I have to use it. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and looked at the caller ID. It read ‘Louis Tomlinson’ I smiled at the name. I haven’t talked to him in a few days, I miss the lad.


“Hold that thought Haz, its Louis. I need to take this.” I say before I push accept the call. I raise the phone to my ear and look over at Harry who still has the look of worry across his face. I give him a sorry look.


“Hello?” I speak into the phone. I hear someone giggling in the back ground. It sounds like Louis and a girl. That’s odd.


“Hey Zayn!” He laughs into the phone, the girl’s laugh still ringing in the background.


“What’s up?” I ask, I don’t mean to be rude but I really would like to know what Harry was going to tell me before he was interrupted.


“Hanging out with my bestie! Milly!” He says sounding like a giddy school girl. I hold back a laugh at his excitement and manage to compose myself.


“Fun, what do you need from me Lou? Harry was just in the middle of telling me something.” I say getting tired of beating around the bush. I hear Louis sigh when I mention Harry, I guess he still has some hatred towards him. I really wish they would just get along. I don’t see Harry going anywhere anytime soon.


“Oh, Liam’s Birthdays coming up. Milly and I were planning a surprise party! We need you to come over and help us plan!” He cheers. I roll my eyes and look over at Harry, he still has a worried look on his face. I bite my lip and eye Harry for a second, should I go with him?


“Sure, but Harry and I had planned on spending the day together. He is gonna be with me.” I say, Louis groans but agrees to have Harry tag along. He tells me to meet him at the mall in an hour. We say goodbye and I hang up the phone.


“So you made some plans for us?” Harry says, his cheeky smile showing on his face now. How could he just go from looking depressed and worried to cheeky and happy in such a short amount of time? I shook off the thought and cleared my throat.


“Yea, we are planning Liam’s surprise party, its Louis idea.” Harry laughs and nods picking up his mug and setting it in the sink. He walks back into our room probably to get changed. I let out a sigh, what could he have been trying to tell me? I space out thinking about all the possibilities.



-Louis POV-


I was sitting at the table with my best friend in the world Milly. I have known her since we were in high school. She is so funny and smart, if I was straight I would totally date her! She has long straight brown hair, it has some auburn highlights in it that really bring out her hazel eyes. Over all she is really pretty. She had a notebook in her hand writing down all our wild ideas about what we want to do for the party.


“Alright, I think this is a good start! Let’s get to the mall Lou” She says pulling out her car keys. I jump up and slip my feet into a black pair of toms. She throws on a jean jacket and we walk to the car.


“Do you think he is going to like it?” I ask nervously. looking down at the floor, I instantly feel self-conscious about the question. I was a stupid question to ask I suppose.


“Duh! He loves you! He would like it even if you got him a pet rock” She jokes opening the car door and sitting in the driver’s seat. I laugh and get in her car. She starts her car and I turn on the radio. I flip to my favorite station and they are playing The Fray.


“Yes!” I cheer, I love The Fray. Milly laughs and begins our drive to the mall. I watch as the city flashes by me. Everything seems to be happening so fast, ever since Niall left us nothing seems to be going right anymore. Zayn is so distant, he says it’s because Liam and I never talk to him, but we have tried. Harry doesn’t give Zayn our messages, we call constantly but Zayn doesn’t answer. I was pretty shocked he answered today to be honest, I was expecting Harry to answer and tell me Zayn was busy like usual. Milly was humming along to the song as we pulled up to the huge mall, she parked her car and we got out. This mall was huge, it had more stores than I had shoes. And I have a lot of shoes. If we couldn't find the perfect gift for Liam here, I don't know where else to look. I push that thought out of my head because Milly started speaking


“So what shop first?” She asks. I just roll my eyes and give her a look as if she asked the stupidest question ever. She laughs and puts her hands in front of her.


“Sorry dumb question!” She says we walk up to the front entrance of the mall. I turn to ask Milly about our budget when a man catches my eye. He didn’t catch my eye because I thought he was hot and I was checking him out, no he caught my eye because he looked very familiar. He had dark brown hair, but his face looked so familiar. It was styled up in the same quiff as it usually was, he was wearing black ray ban sunglasses but his smile was exactly the same. Then he laughed. I would know that laugh anywhere. It can’t be him. If it’s him then I am seeing a ghost, he is dead. I went to his funeral. That boy standing not more than 15 feet away from me cannot be Niall. But it is him, it is Niall Horan.

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