I Need You Now

"Do you like it if I touch you here?" He asked as his hand swiftly moved to my lips. Tracing his fingers across it. "Or here?" He begun touching my neck. "Or here?"


5. Chapter Five

I Need You Now 

Chapter Five

Niall's POV

  Here I was today, daydreaming about her again. How wonderful it'd be if I could call her mine... The joy and pleasure of how I could make her feel... Show her how to love... Show her how to care. I'm so excited for today, the day she finally gets to meet the boys. I hope she likes them. It would be a disaster if she didn't since they were like brothers to me... I could never live with her hating either one of them.

  How her brown eyes sparkled when she was talking about her dreams... Her admiration for Adam Levine, which in all honestly got me jealous as hell, her cute little accent when she calls me a hungry ass leprechaun, how even though she's been through so much, a simple smile from her lights up the room. All her sassy remarks that I'd love to see Louis try to battle with that... Oops there I go daydreaming again.

  Ping!! One New Message, my phone read,

'Hey Ni, can I come over I need to tell you something. xx' It was Lills.

'Sure, do you need me to get ice cream? Seems pretty serious. Xx'

'Yes please. I'll see you there in thirty?'


Lilly's POV

  Ok lets rewind a bit to lets see... ah yes...

"We didn't use protection." Those were the last words I said before breaking down in front of Megan and crying hysterically. I'm seventeen. I could be pregnant. 

"Hey, Lilly, come on, get up. You don't know that. We'll just take a test, ok?"

I just nodded since I couldn't get a single word out of my mouth.

"I'll ask Lizzy to come over... I'll help you get you test ok? In the meantime stay with her and try not to gooble up all the food," She laughed trying to lighten up the mood. I merely shot her a glare. "Too soon... Ok..." She frowned. 

"I'm sorry... I'm just scared..."

"Hey, hey theres nothing to be scared of... If you don't by fate somehow meet that douche bag again, then Lizzy, Greyson and I could always help."

  Ok lets hold up for a minute. Your probably confused as hell right now o boyfriend. Greyson. And, yes. Before you ask, he is THE Greyson Chance. He moved to London with my sister because he just loves her so very much. No, they are not engaged, but they sure as hell love each other more than any married couple I've seen. They live in somewhat a close place to mine and Megan's flat so asking them to come here wouldn't be much of a problem.

  ok and.... Unpause.

  As soon as Lizzy came over with Greyson (yes she brings him everywhere but i don't mind) she hugged me in of her massive bear hugs and told me to spill. I repeated all the memories in my head out to words and being the awakward, cheeky older sister she is the first question that came to her mind was "So Niall huh?" I hit her lightly on her arm. "I could be pregnant and THATS all you think about? Gee sis your amazing." 

"Hey, just tryna lighten the mood. Geez its gonna be a hell of nine months for Megan." 

"Yeah even I pity her" Greyson added.

"Well, sucks for you people cause now your my personal slaves, muhahaha" I added with a fake evil laugh.

"I'M BACK!!!" I heard Megan yell form the door. She held up three sticks and shoved it towards me. 

"Its just so we're absolutely sure."

I huffed, " Well here goes nothing"

  As I went into the bathroom, I peed on the three stciks and flipped the over. After five minutes have passed, I flipped the first one over. Positive. My heart suddenly gained a whole shit load of weight and I felt my world crumbling around me. Ok ok Lilly, don't panic. There's still two more test. I flipped over the next one. 


  I heaved a sigh a of relief as I thought to my self, ok, the next one determines it all, Oh lord I have always been such a good girl in school, I never cheated, never stole, never copied, I didn't bully, oh please please please let it be negative.

  My hand slowly reached for the test as I grabbed hold of it. CUE DRAMATIC SOUND EFFECT! De den... de deen. ok its time. I closed my eyes. dun dun, deen deen. I flipped it over... deeeeeeeeen, I opened my eyes...





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