Nothing To Lose

"You don't gotta wait no longer, you don't gotta be so shy. I just wanna pull you closer, I just wanna cross that line. So baby come on, cause the night is almost over, so let's have the time of our lives like we got nothing to lose." Nothing To Lose - Emblem3

Drew and Trisha meet at a party. At first Trisha doesn't want anything to do with him cause she gets attention from a lot of guys, it get's annoying sometimes. Drew finally convinces her to go on a date with him, let him show her he's not one of those guys who just want to get in her pants. Trisha is very doubtful about what he says, but soon she starts to really like him.


7. Chapter Six

Trisha's POV


"Trish, what happened last night?" Autumn asked, walking into my room.


"Amy invited us to a party, you got drunk while I scored a hot guys number." I smiled.


"Ooh! What's his name?" She asked, sitting next to me.


"Drew. He's taking me on a date." I informed her.


"Ooh, this is new." Autumn smiled.


"Yeah, I guess." I shrugged.


"When's this date going to be happening?" She asked.


"Whenever he texts me." I said.




I was waiting all day for a text from Drew. And I finally got one! I don't know why I was so anxious to get one, but I did and i was happy.


From: Drew

Ready for our date? I'll pick you up in twenty minutes? Dress comfortable, we're not going anywhere fancy (:


Comfortable. Where would he be taking me? I like not fancy. That's good. I decided on sweatpants, and my white t-shirt that had a galaxy heart on it. I put my hair up and added little black boots. I didn't really want to put makeup on, so I didn't. I went downstairs and waited. Which felt like forever.

Finally, there was a knock on the door. I jumped up and got it, and sure enough, Drew was there.


"You look perfect." Drew smiled, he was wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt, and sneakers.


"Not so bad yourself." I smiled, "So where are you taking me?" I asked, texting Autumn to tell her I was leaving.


"Well, I just thought we could chill at my house and make something instead of going to a restaurant. Hence why I had you dress comfortable." He said.


"Everything is always better when you make it yourself." I nodded. We got into his car, him holding the door open for me, and drove to his house. When we got there he led me to the kitchen and we had to decide what to make.


"What do you want to make? Cause anything you want is fine." He smiled.


"How about.... Spaghetti?" I asked.


"Of course." He smiled and started looking for the stuff.


"Buuuuut," I started and he looked at me, "I wanna make homemade sauce."


"Can I help you with it?" He asked.


"You can be my assistant since I have no idea where anything is." I smiled.


"Alright, so what do you need?" He asked with a smile.




I watched his face as he tasted the sauce, waiting for a reaction if it was good or not.


"This, is by far the best sauce I have ever tasted." Drew nodded. I could tell he wasn't lying, I was kind a human lie detector as everyone called me in high school.


"Yay! Now let's eat." I smiled and he got out plates for us. After we finished eating we decided to play Call Of Duty.


"There is no way you're beating me." Drew smiled.


"Yeah, we'll see about that." I giggled. When I proved to him I could beat him at the game, Wesley and Keaton burst through his door.


"Oh, you have a lady friend over." Keaton stopped in his tracks.


"This is awkward..." Wesley scratched the back of his neck.


"No, it's just awkward for you." I said.


"So, what are you guys doing?" Keaton asked as they sat on the couch behind us.


"She just kicked my ass in Call Of Duty." Drew sighed.


"Wanna play Fifa now?" I smiled wide.


"Dude, keep her forever." Wesley said.


"Yes, we can play Fifa now." Drew nodded.


"There's spaghetti in the kitchen if you guys want it." I told them.


"Yes, with the delicious homemade sauce Trisha made." Drew told them.


"Oh, this is the girl form the party last night?" Keaton asked.


"She's way more prettier when I'm sober." Wesley said.


"Yes, I am the girl from last night and you had Wesley here come up to Drew and I and say he has a huge, ginormous crush on me." I giggled, patting Wesley's knee.


"I did?" Keaton laughed.


"So are you guys gonna go eat that spaghetti or what?" Drew asked.


"Oh yeah.... You should defiantly keep her." Keaton nodded, agreeing with what Wesley said before.


"Hopefully I can." Drew smiled at me.


"Maybe, maybe not." I winked at him.


"Awww, come on we all love you already! You like playing Fifa, you can beat a guy in Call Of Duty." Wesley said.


"And she makes good food!" Keaton added.


"Aw, aren't your friends the cutest." I giggled.


"You don't mind them here?" Drew whispered to me.


"No, but you do." I whispered back.


"WHISPERING ISN'T NICE!" Keaton yelled.


"And Keaton likes nice people." Wesley said.


"Who said I was nice?" I giggled.


"You offered us food, that automatically makes you nice." Wesley shrugged. While Welsye and Keaton ate, Drew and I played Fifa.


"So, do you still think I'm like all those other guys?" Drew asked.


"You haven't gotten me totally convinced." I smiled as we finished our game.


"So what do I have to do to convince you?" Drew asked.


"Hm.." I thought for a minute. What could he do? I mean, this is probably like the best date ever.


"I think you should stay the night and see what happens." Keaton said.


"Agreed." Wesley nodded.


"Guys, I do-" Drew started,


"Sounds fun." I smiled, interrupting Drew.

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