Nothing To Lose

"You don't gotta wait no longer, you don't gotta be so shy. I just wanna pull you closer, I just wanna cross that line. So baby come on, cause the night is almost over, so let's have the time of our lives like we got nothing to lose." Nothing To Lose - Emblem3

Drew and Trisha meet at a party. At first Trisha doesn't want anything to do with him cause she gets attention from a lot of guys, it get's annoying sometimes. Drew finally convinces her to go on a date with him, let him show her he's not one of those guys who just want to get in her pants. Trisha is very doubtful about what he says, but soon she starts to really like him.


6. Chapter Five

Drew's POV


"So, when is this date gonna happen?" She asked.


"Anytime you want." I smiled. She was so pretty, and I didn't know how every guy at this party wasn't surrounding her and admiring her beauty. She was gorgeous.


"Where're you gonna take me?" She asked.


"I haven't gotten that far yet. So where are you from?" I asked.


"Washington, you?" She asked.


"Washington." I smiled.


"No way. Really?" She asked, looking like she was enjoying talking to me more then she was before.


"Way." I nodded.


"That's cool, maybe I knew you." She shrugged.


"I would've remember a face as pretty as yours." I smiled again.


"Thanks." She smiled, her cheeks turning a rosy pink. Something about Trisha, something that made her different. Different then any other girl I've ever talked to. For one, she's a lot more stubborn. Most girls wouldn't even let me finish my sentence before saying yes to going on a date with me and they'd end up being crazed fans, not that there's anything wrong with my fans.


"So, how come you don't have girls surrounding you? Ya know, being famous and all." She asked.


"Even if there were a bunch of screaming teenage girls surrounding me, I'd only be paying attention to you." I said, truthfully.


"I have never ever had a guy talk to me the way you do. It's cute." She smiled.


"You think I'm cute? Or is it just the way I'm talking to you?" I laughed.


"You're pretty cute yourself." She giggled, and God the way she laughed.


"Thanks." I smiled. As she was about to say something Wesley popped up.


"Whose the pretty lady you've been talking to?" Wes asked.


"This would be Trisha." I told him.


"Keaton said to tell you," He pointed to Trisha, "that Drew totally has a huge, ginormous crush on you."


"What?" Trisha laughed.


"Can you not see the way this dude is looking at you? I mean, come on." Wesley said.


"I think you're friend has had a liiittle too much to drink." Trisha said, keeping a half smile on her face.


"I agree." I nodded. Wesley just looked at me, patted me on the back, then walked away. Before I could say sorry about Wes, a girl in a little pink dress came stumbling up to Trisha.


"Triiiiishyyyy." The girl giggled.


"Autumn, I'm kinda busy." Trisha said, I could tell she was netally telling the girl to go away.


"Oh, I'm sorry," Autumn put her hands up in defense, "but Amy says I need to go home."


"Oh, great you're drunk." Trisha rolled her eyes, "Sorry, I should get her home."


"That's fine." I nodded.


"But, uh, text me before you come pick me up for our little date." She smiled, grabbing her phone and texting me her address.


"Will do." I smiled.

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