Raising Baby Lux

the boys from one direction were alredy perfect but when baby lux came into this world it showed them what love and responsability was. this is about how she changed their lifes.


9. tour life

    louis pov 

 well we have been on tour for about a month.when our month is up we get a week break.some of those days we hope to go see lux,others to spend with family and the boys.actually our month is up in aout a day or two.i think the boys are pretty exited. me and el are going on a dinner date tonight after the show.i think liam said he was taking dani on a date too.perrie told me that her and zayn were just going to hang out at her place. i kind of felt bad for harry and niall ya know because they would be here all alone.zayn knows a couple of girls that live down the street that might be interested.i'll talk to him about it.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&later that night liams pov &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

so me and dani went on a dinner date just to have some alone time. tomorow me and the boys get to go see lux and our familys. i heard louis talking to zayn about finding harry and niall some girlfiends. they said there were some girls down the street. so i guess we will see how that goes."so dani are you enjoying dinner"i asked her "yeah its acttuallly really good im suprised we hvnt ate here yet".was her reply. well im glad she is enjoying it .

zayns pov

me and perrie stayed at the house and watched a movie we picked my all time favorire,grease.i was going to joke around with her so i graqbbed a pillow and it smaked her in the gut.then she had the same reaction, she picked up a pillow and started hitting me i screamed "PILLOW FIGHT HARRY NIALL HELP". so then the came rushing in instead of helping me they started hitting me!"ok ok ok i surrender i hae work i have to do "! then every one just instaintly stopped."what kind of work" they all said in uninson i said "well you two cant seem to find a girlfriend so im going to do it for yo" as i said that i rushed out the door and  down the street... 



to be continued... 

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