Raising Baby Lux

the boys from one direction were alredy perfect but when baby lux came into this world it showed them what love and responsability was. this is about how she changed their lifes.


7. Good news!!!

                 liams pov

BOYS COME HERE FOR A SEC THIS IS IMPORTAINT.i just got a cal from a record label!  what do they want every one asked? well our song wmyb was a hit! they want us to go on tour!! zayn said"for how long mate?its a year but this is a huge offer. harry said "what about baby lux she needs us"i replied with they said every month we are allowed a break to go anywhere we want!Niall  asked "will there be food on the bus?i said "of course" every one said goodbye to tom because well Lou works with us and she will hopefully brig lux some times and we can visit her during one of our one month break.

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