Raising Baby Lux

the boys from one direction were alredy perfect but when baby lux came into this world it showed them what love and responsability was. this is about how she changed their lifes.


6. five days old and louis hasn't seen her!


louis pov

 baby lux was already five days old! i hate that i couldnt see her when she was born. i had to go see my mum. she gets worried about me even though im like 21 years old! but she loves me so i understand. i get to go and meet lux today! i got her a bag of carrots haha.im waiting for zayn to stop perfecting his hair.C'MON BOYS WE HAVE TO GO! all of us piled into one car. we should be there in about 10 minutes.

                10 min later 

we're here boys Liam said. i walked in,carrots in hand and saw her.i picked her up and held her. "phhpt" eww she farted on me!!! i gave her back to lou."no lou she didnt" yes she did i heard her  i said to Lou 'she pooped on you honey "she said to me. thats even worse. i handed tom the carrots "louis shes five  days old she has no teeth"well thats a bummer.




thank you guys for liking and favoriting this i will update some more today i still need some names sorry that the chapters are so short its hard for me to write alot because my grandmother just had knee replacement surgery so its kind of hard because she doesn't have wifi but she is my neighbor so that part is fine we are working on getting her wifi so hopefully we can take care of that soon thank you guys for reading:)  

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