Already Gone

Riley and Louis were good friends in grade school. But once they went their separate ways and Louis ditched Riley for popularity and Jessica she feels more and more alone! But once Louis and Jessica part ways Louis sees what he has done to one of his best friends and the girl he should be liking. When Riley gets in some trouble with family Louis thinks she hates him but he does all he can to get her back. And to save her from what happens next.

My first movella no hate please! Comment like and favorite and I hope you enjoy!!!! <3


8. Remember that night? Of course I do.

"I'll find you Riley and your little guardian angle won't be able to protect you... Ill make sure of that.." She was here. She was so real. She had that terrible smirk on her face that made you want to cringe just talking about it. 
"Don't touch him!" I scream
"AHHH!" I wake up it's just a dream is was just a dream. Thank goodness. It seemed so real. I'm sobbing, I can't believe I could handle her for so long. I'm so scared what if she does come after me and this time I can't fight her off or I can't have Louis by my side to help me....
"Riley! Babe!"
"I'm sorry..... I just..... I heard you scream and I thought you were hurt so I came to see if you were okay. I'm sorry I didn't mean..."
"No your fine I'm just a little worked up. But it's okay it's not your fault it's mine I'm sorry I didn't mean to flip out."
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah I'm fine... Are you?"
"Just worried."
"About what?"
"I'm fine it's okay everything is fine"
I sniffle
"Come here" he says and I take a second to think about whether I should hop off the couch and sit with him or not. He's not going to hurt you Riley its okay. I hop off of the couch and sit in between his legs. He hugs me and I feel instantly comforted by his arms. 
"Yeah?" I say looking up at him. 
"The night we kissed. The night you got hurt. Ever since you kissed me back I really wanted you to kiss me again. Riley I... I... I really really love you."
I look into his eyes and smile. He smiles back and I straddle him. He leans onto the wall behind him and we share the most passionate kiss I've ever had. 

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