Touring With 1D (Sequel to My life with 1D

Liam just asked me to open for them on tour I am so excited


3. Zayn

Me and Perrie just broke up. We thought it would be best because of the tour. We said maybe we could get back together when I got back. At least it wasn't like my last break up. She dumped me right before a concert for some other dude. 

"Zayn." Jessica called

"Yeah." I called back

"You seem sad." She said when she saw me

"Why would you say that?" 

"Because I know you and Perrie broke up  because of the tour. I know what it's like except mine was worse."

"I'm not sad. And yours was much worse."

"Well you better get to practice."

"You're right. See ya."

"See ya. Zayn"

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