Touring With 1D (Sequel to My life with 1D

Liam just asked me to open for them on tour I am so excited


1. Jessica

We just got on the plane to go to America where we will kick off the tour. I have been practicing a lot. I am so siked!

Louis met a girl named Elanor a few days ago. He has really changed. He apologized for every thing. He and Mackenzie aren't dating anymore. Mackenzie is very mad that she isn't going on tour.

Niall said I should add two more songs. I decided to add a song for my dad who died fighting in Afghanistan, Read All About It by Emile Sande. I am also singing Today Was A Fairytale by Taylor Swift. Plus People Like Us. And a song I wrote that doesn't have a name yet.

The boys have their tour bus and I have mine. grace and Abby will live with me. My tour bus has a giant picture of me and says JESSICA MISST on the side in giant letters.

The plane is landing I am so excited we start in New York and end the American stretch in California.

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