Supernatural Love

Two girls Sonya and her sister , Ali go to a one direction concert, but when two of the boys fall in love will both the boys and girls secret remain hidden????? this is my first movella and there will probly be spelling mistakes but please no hate. :) <3 <3 <3


3. Chapter Two

Alison's POV

           We finally made it to the entrance where we were supposed to go for the meet and greet. "Hello please let me see your passes," the bodyguard asked. Sonya and I showed our passes to the guard and he let us through. We were the only ones there for the meet and greet because we bought the personal tickets. The guard led us down a hallway and to the boys dressing room. We sat inside and waited till the door opened and there stood the one and only Zayn Malik. The rest of the boys filed in. "Well hello there what is your name love," Louis Asked me. "I'm Alison and this is my younger sister Sonya" I replied. "Well how old are you girls," asked Harry. "Im 18 and Alison is 20" Sonya replied quickly. All of the boys turned to each other and smiled widely. I wonder what that was about? We continued to get to know each other since this was a private meet and greet we had an hour or two as long as the boys wanted.


Two Hours Later

            "Boys its time to go now," A man said from the door i assume it was one of Simon's assistants. "Ok," they all replied. As we stood up someone slipped a piece of paper in my pocket trying to be sneaky. I turned around and saw Zayn with a grin on his face. "call or text me any time," he said. I smiled and told him i would.


Zayn's POV

When i first walked into the room i saw a gorgeous young girl with long blonde hair and ice blue eyes looking at me. I felt some sort of connection with her, Almost like we were meant to be together. I continued taking to her mostly focusing on her i could tell Harry had an interest for her sister I just hope he doesnt use her. Just as we were heading out I wrote my phone number a on a sheet of paper and slid it in her pocket. She turned around and I smiled and told her to call or text me anytime. I no i shouldnt be with her because of what i am but i just cant help it. I feel so strongly for her and i NEVER want to let her go. I feel like if I let her go she might never come back.




OHHHHHHHH cliffhanger I hope you guys like it so far please comment what you think and im sorry about my spelling mistakes and im sorry for such a short chapter writers block ill try to update soon within the next week baii plzz continue reading

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