Supernatural Love

Two girls Sonya and her sister , Ali go to a one direction concert, but when two of the boys fall in love will both the boys and girls secret remain hidden????? this is my first movella and there will probly be spelling mistakes but please no hate. :) <3 <3 <3


1. Chapter One


Ali's POV

' SONYA GET DOWN HERE WE NEED TO LEAVE," I hollered up the stairs to my little sister, Sonya. We were going to a one direction concert with meet and greet passes. I was wearing a light blue flowy dress that reached up to my ankles with with pale blue heels. Sonya came walking down the steps in a rose red dress that ended were her ruby red heels started. We both looked so much alike. We both had dirty blonde hair that reached the lower part of our backs, and medium tan skin. The only difference was that I had bright blue eyes and she had green blue eyes. Before we headed  out I took a  picture of us and tweeted it saying -Goin to 1D concert with sista-.

                                                  ''At the concert "

         As we got to our seats screams of Directioners surounded us. We soon  joined in on the fun and screamed like our life depended on it. When the boys came out the sound of the screams could be heard from halfway around the world. They started singing What makes you beautiful. All of the boys were charming, but my personal favorite was Zayn. I just felt like we had to be together like when i listened to his voice all of the troubles in the world faded away. I looked over at Sonya and by the look on her face you could tell by the look on her face that she could not be disturbed. She was truely in love and it was not because he was famous. They continued on with the concert singing, Live while were young, One Thing, And many more. The rest of the concert flew by. Soon enough it was time to go backstage for our meet and greet.


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