One Less Weasley

Takes place on the one year anniversary of the battle of hogwarts. The Weasley's + Harry and Hermione are still trying to get over the loss of Fred weasley. A son, a brother, a friend, a fellow ginger. On the anniversary, everyone is writing letters to Fred, thinking Fred would never read them, but maybe, just maybe, Fred might have something to say back to his loved ones.


2. Two

Dear Fred; 


        I was just talking to George. He's really hurting. So am I. I let him cry on my shoulder, he let me cry on his. I want my brother back. Yeah, I've got George, Ron, Bill, Charlie, and Percy. But there's a gap where you're suppose to be. I want that gap filled again. Why did you have to go? Why so early? You had your whole life ahead of you. I want everything to be back to normal. We all know that wont happen. And our big family will never be whole again. I miss you. 


                                        - Ginny 


        Once Ginny returned to her room after comforting George, she wrote her own letter. It has after all been a whole year since the battle of Hogwarts. She felt that it was the right thing to do. After she finished writing her letter, she read it over a few tunes, as she cried. Ginny wasn't the type of girl to cry much. But when it came to the loss of Fred, she couldn't help herself. 


        When she was around others she tried to stay strong for their sake. And she normally succeeded. Except for George being the only exception. Ginny was always able to cry her heart out in the company of George. She knew that she'd be with George, but sometimes alls he could see in his eyes were Fred. She knew they were two different people, but since they were identical, she couldn't help herself but imagine. 


        "Kids! Breakfast is ready!" Mrs Weasley called from the kitchen. 


        Each Weasley child made their way down the stairs into the kitchen extremely slowly. 


        "How many pancakes do each of you want? Ginny? Ron? Bill? Charlie? Percy? Fred? I mean George! I'm so sorry!" Mrs Weasley squeaked as she tried to hold back tears. 


        "Don't worry mum, I don't mind being called Fred, it makes me feel like he's still around." George sighed. "And I'll have two pancakes please." 


        Each Weasley had two pancakes, except for Ron, who insisted on having one. Ron was usually the biggest eater of all the Weasley's. He usually would have had far more, but today was different.   


        Ron ate about half his pancake before he asked if he could be excused. 


        "But you hardly finished your pancake!" Mrs Weasley objected. 


        "Not hungry." Ron shrugged. 


        "Molly, just let him go." Mr Weasley spoke softly.


        "Oh alright. Very well, you may be excused." 


        "Thanks" Ron stood up, pushed in his chair, and walked up the stairs to his room.  

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