One Less Weasley

Takes place on the one year anniversary of the battle of hogwarts. The Weasley's + Harry and Hermione are still trying to get over the loss of Fred weasley. A son, a brother, a friend, a fellow ginger. On the anniversary, everyone is writing letters to Fred, thinking Fred would never read them, but maybe, just maybe, Fred might have something to say back to his loved ones.


6. Six

        Harry and Hermione walked up the stairs slowly. Then approached Ron's door. Hermione knocked, then pushed the door open. There sat Ron, his letter to Fred in his hand. When Ron saw Harry and Hermione he sat his parchment next to himself, and stood up. Harry and Ron hugged each other. Then Ron turned to Hermione, who wrapped her arms around Ron immediately, and kissed him softly on the cheek.


        "It's nice to see you two." Ron mumbled, as he pulled away from Hermione's hug.


        Neither Harry or Hermione said anything. But Hermione out stretched her arm holding two pieces of parchment, handing them over to Ron. Both letters addressed to Fred.


        "Harry and I both wrote one." Hermione spoke softly. "We thought you may want to read them." She was trying to hold back tears. 


        "Yeah, thanks." Ron said as he sat back down on his bad. Both Harry and Hermione taking a seat on either side of him, as Ron began to read.


Dear Fred; 


        This is terrible. I'm so sorry Fred, that this had to happen to you, that you had to leave your family behind like this. They need you. Harry and I have been coming to visit the burrow regularly, and it feels so empty without you. When I used to visit, there was always laughter, and you all seemed like such a happy family. Not any more. George no longer laughs or smiles. I sense that he's lost without you Fred. I know we weren't very close friends really. But you've always treated me like family, and I love you for that. 


                                                                           - Hermione


        Ron looked up from the parchment, and smiled at Hermione for the first time in a long time. He gently pecked a kiss on Hermione's cheek. "It's beautiful. Thanks." 


        Ron flipped to the next piece of parchment to read Harry's letter.


Dear Fred; 


        I am so sorry Fred, this was never meant to happen, you weren't suppose to die for me. You weren't meant to be gone, you belong here, at the burrow with your family. You know, George has been asking me where the resurrection stone is. Your mum keeps telling him it won't be the same. It's true... It wouldn't be.... But I'd give it to him if only I knew where I left it. I'd love to be able to tell you all of this to your face instead of in a letter you'll never read. You have no idea how much guilt I have. I feel like somehow all of this is my fault. I bet if I sacrificed myself sooner, you'd still be alive. This is all my fault Fred, and I'm terribly sorry. I hope you're in a better place, and pranking with my dad. He was a prankster just like you Fred. I know you both must have died laughing. I just know it. 


                                                                          - Harry


        "Harry, it's not your fault... You didn't do anything to make them die. You need to stop beating yourself up over this." Ron said once he had finished reading.


        Harry shrugged. "You may be right, but it still doesn't take away the pain and guilt that I feel."

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