One Less Weasley

Takes place on the one year anniversary of the battle of hogwarts. The Weasley's + Harry and Hermione are still trying to get over the loss of Fred weasley. A son, a brother, a friend, a fellow ginger. On the anniversary, everyone is writing letters to Fred, thinking Fred would never read them, but maybe, just maybe, Fred might have something to say back to his loved ones.


1. One

Dear Fred; 


        Has it already been a year? It feels like it's been a life time. Ron's been helping me out with the joke shop. He's good company. But there's nothing like you. I'm lost without you Freddie. I have no motivation to do anything without you by my side. You're my other half, and I love you. Please come back. 




        It's been an exact year since the battle of Hogwarts. George sat in his room, with tear stained parchment in his hand, as he wrote a letter to his beloved twin brother, who had lost his life fighting in a war that never should have happened. George knew that Fred would never read the letters, but George liked writing them, because getting his feelings out made him feel a slight bit better during the saddest of times. 


        "George, it's me. Can I come in?" Ginny was knocking on the door. 


        "Yeah." George mumbled as he stuffed his parchment under his pillow. 


        "Was that a letter to Fred?" Ginny asked as she stepped into the room. 




        "You don't have to be embarrassed about writing to our dead brother. We all do it. I do, Ron does, Bill, Charlie, Mum, Dad, even Percy!" Ginny sighed. "You're not alone!" 




        Ginny nodded. "Can I see it?" 


        George pulled the parchment out from under his pillow, and handed it to Ginny. 


        Ginny read over it slowly. It's really beautiful." Ginny said as tears formed in her eyes. 


        George's bottom lip began to tremble. "I miss him so much." 


        Ginny pulled George Into a hug, and let him cry on her shoulder. "Me too George, me too." 



----- let me know, what you think. Reviews would be great! :D 

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