Miami Beach

This story is about a 17 year old girl named Ariel, who lives in Miami, Florida and finds love with a guy named Dylan who is from California and comes down to Miami every summer to visit family.
in this story:
Ariel finds love,
friendships are broken,
and the question she's been avoiding, what will happen after summer...


8. Ariel's POV: Change of Plans...

I made sure that I left the beach early because I wanted to look good tonight for my date. The girls asked me why I was leaving so early and I told them I had to do something with family. I felt bad about not telling them, but I just don’t wanna jinx things or get my hopes up and it ends up not working out. And on top of that, I still hadn’t found what I was gonna wear yet. I went to Forever 21 with Octavia, but she was no help. Everything she picked up, she picked up for herself. It was like she didn’t care about my date. I just don’t get it. She told me she didn’t like him and she didn’t want him, but why was she so disapproving of the fact that Dylan and I were going on a date?  I didn’t wanna ask her any more questions because honestly I didn’t care at this point. If she was mad she was gonna have to get over it. Sometimes Octavia could be such a buzz kill. She could make anything exciting and fun seem dreadfully terrible, that was the only thing I hated about her. Just as I was driving home it hit me. About two weeks ago I had bought some cute white and purple floral high-waist shorts. That would be cute with my white tank top that had the back laced out.

Just as I pulled into my driveway my dad was standing in the garage. I hadn’t seen him or my mom in a couple of days. It was always like that during summer, I wouldn’t see them because when I would leave they would be at work and when I came home they would be asleep and on weekends I always spent the night at Octavia’s house.

“Hey Daddy!”

“Hi Ariel! I haven’t seen you in a while” he said with a smile on his face

“Hey Ariel, what are you doing tonight? I think your mom wanted to do a family dinner, and maybe a movie.”

“Umm… I actually have plans tonight. Can we do it tomorrow or something?”

“No your mom has to go to a seminar this weekend in California and she’s leaving tomorrow. So it’s gonna have to be tonight. I’m sure whatever plans you have can be rearranged or rescheduled until tomorrow. Family is important, and plus your mom’s leaving and she just wants to spend time with you and Noah.”  

Damn I hated when my dad played the family is important card. I mean family is important but so is this date.

“Okay, but what time is the dinner. And is it okay if I don’t go to the movie?” I said disappointed.

“At 7 I believe. So you’ve got some time to get ready. I guess you can skip the movie… we don’t want to take up too much of your time. God forbid she spends time with her family.” He said in a sarcastic tone and walked inside.

“Ha ha ha! You’re sooo funny old man.”

Damn. Now I have to text Dylan and tell him that I can’t go to dinner. It’s like the world is just trying to ruin this date. First Octavia and now my family.

I ran upstairs to my room, locked my door and grabbed my phone to call Dylan.

“Come on, answer the phone” I mumbled to myself.


Oh my gosh he had a cute phone voice. It was like my stomach dropped and my heart started racing.

“Hey Dylan, I have a change of plans. So my parents are making me go to this stupid family dinner tonight and it’s at 7. So can we reschedule to 8 and we can just skip dinner and walk on the beach?”

“Um.. Yeah that’s cool. So you wanna meet on Miami beach instead of at Wuka?”  He asked innocently

“Yeah, I mean is that okay?” I asked hesitantly

“Yeah that’s totally fine! So I’ll meet you at 8 on Miami Beach by the Dock then.”

“Okay sounds good” I giggled and hung up the phone. 

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