Don't Let Me Go (Harry Styles solo artist)

A story of Harry Styles (from One Direction) as a solo artist. Inspired by Don't Let Me Go by Harry Styles/Sam McCarthy


1. The Man Who Stole Girls' Hearts... And Their Virginity

Once upon a time, I had a dream.


Okay that’s a really bad way to start a story.


But I did have a dream.


You know that band One Direction? Yeah, my dream was based off that. Well, sort of.


I had a dream Harry Styles was a solo artist. Was it a dream? I’m not too sure. But anyways, Harry had just come out with his hit single Don’t Let Me Go not expecting for it to become as popular as it did. Harry had all the girls’ hearts with a snap of his slim fingers.  


He had the look, he had the voice, he had the boldness, and he had the catchy name. Harry Styles is perfect.


So back to the “dream”.


I logged onto Facebook, which had basically turned into Twitter. There was hashtags and verified pages. There were posts from a load of pages and accounts; including One Direction. You know that boy band with Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. They were posting about this Harry Styles kid.


Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to click on the YouTube link. It was called Don’t Let Me Go and after listening to the song twice, I decided it was amazing. I look at his other songs. And soon after, I was in love with Harry Styles.


Now that isn’t where the dream ended. I believe it was a few months later in the dream; who knew there could be an incredible time change in a dream?!


Bu anyways, it was a few months later. Harry Styles was at the top of the charts and was on a world tour, doing as many shows and interviews as possible. He had stolen girls’ hearts, and with some, their virginity. He was more popular than Justin Bieber.


What really got the girls to like him though, is that he was single. He could have any girl he wanted, but he didn’t want any of them. It let the girls think they have a chance with him.


A year passed, Harry Styles was bigger than ever. He won Brit’s and Grammy’s and any other award there is. Everyone knew about him, he was awarded the hottest guy in 2014. I don’t disagree with this award.


One Direction was still there though, trying their very best to become famous. But Harry was taking away all the fame. None of the girls were interested in a boy band. But Harry, well, he was still single. It was starting to seem like none of the girls or guys have caught his eye.


That made the girls want him more.


His fame only grew; higher and higher. His ego also grew but not in a bad way. More of like: he knew he was hot so he uses it in ways that can help him.


I was then at one of his concerts, he was just about to come out and sing for us when I woke up, looking at all my One Direction posters and dolls. I notice Harry in the posters, right next to the other boys. His band mates; his best friends.


It was only a dream.



Only a dream. 

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