The Jealousy Game.

What if your boyfriend Harry Styles left you for some blonde rich pretty girl? What if you wanted to make him jealous ? but not just making him jealous with any old guy , but with ''the'' Justin Bieber? What happens when the no strings attached plan ends up not working out? Read to find out.


34. RIP gabby

Authors important note... So last year I came across a page called make a wish Gabriella. I found out she was a 9 year old girl with cancer. I  stared to keep up with her updates and look at her pictures and videos. She would Be so positive and funny about her cancer.. she would even make me laugh and happy. then I went on her page and saw a link so I clicked on it and saw..''Gabriella Miller, the vibrant little girl from Leesburg who gained national attention for her efforts to raise awareness of pediatric brain cancer, died Saturday. She was 10 years old. '' My heart sank , Why? was all I thought. How could someone that made earth such an amazing place just leave like that?

I know I didnt know her.. But she made me happy when I needed it. So im going to make her know!

like she needs me too. Please.. please Dont take anyone you know for granted and please change you profile picture to this photo to let this angel be herd. Im going to and Please tweet #RipGabriella Miller.. thank you. and please comment RIP for her! or if you dont want to you can go to her page and comment well wishes to her family. Thank you for reading I love you!

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