The Jealousy Game.

What if your boyfriend Harry Styles left you for some blonde rich pretty girl? What if you wanted to make him jealous ? but not just making him jealous with any old guy , but with ''the'' Justin Bieber? What happens when the no strings attached plan ends up not working out? Read to find out.


30. im his

Scarlet pov) " Your mine now..?" Justin asked. " Im yours babe." I replied. he smiled and picked me up spinning me around. i giggled getting dizzy, finaly he stoped. I wrote a song for you, He said while walking towards the couch picking up his guitar. I sat down next to him and he began to play looking into my eyes. " girl.. your all I see, And im glad your sitting right here beside me.. Keeping me warm. Oh angel, you can fall cause my arms are open and strong! and if you kiss me, kiss me all the way. And if i kiss you? what would you say?. pleasee just fall! cause my arms are open  wide, and just fall! cause you got me by your side, forever you'll be.... mine." he sang, My eyes were filled with tears. "what did you think?" he said also tearing up a little. " I think im yours bieber.." i said.

AUTHORS NOTE) hay just so you know i wrote the song justin sang. its called be mine. :) i need 2 likes please! love yew!

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