The Jealousy Game.

What if your boyfriend Harry Styles left you for some blonde rich pretty girl? What if you wanted to make him jealous ? but not just making him jealous with any old guy , but with ''the'' Justin Bieber? What happens when the no strings attached plan ends up not working out? Read to find out.


5. I Love Justin

  *Scarlet's POV*

   I slowly opened my eyes to see Justin's closed.

I pulled out of the kiss gracefully touching my lips." I-m sorry I didn't mean to..."  I mumbled. 

"Its cool just forget it ever happened, lets get some sleep." he said.

That was the night I realized  I was in love with Justin.


*Justin's POV*

  I woke up with my arms around scarlets waist. I loved her so much I just dont think she feels the same.

I kissed her forehead before waking her up. I watched as her beautiful brown eyes opened for the first time of the day. "Morning Scar." I mumbled. "Morning Bieber." she laughed. 


"Who is it?" I asked. "Its Harry."

"Come in!" Scarlet yelled. "Sorry to inturupt. Taylor and I are going to the beach and we wondered if you wanted to join us." Harry suggested. I looked over at scarlet to see if she wanted to go.

"What do you think babe?" I asked.  "Why not?" she said quickly flashing Harry a wide smile. "Alright be ready in 30 minutes." Harry said not long before shutting the door.

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