Love is LIke a Warm Gun

Emily Jones has a perfect life, rich family loving boyfriend and is in the most popular group in school. But that isnt the life she want. So when she meets Carlos Santeago she never excpected her world to turn form bat to worst is Carlos just another guy or is the way to a life she always wanted.


1. The Party

"Come on Emily lets go the parties started." Said Sarah one of my best friends. I walk out in little red dress thats skin tight you can see all my curves, with 6 in black heels that i can hardle walk in. " Do I really have to wear this I look like a sult." I said knowing that the rest of my friends were wear simliar out fits to me. " Yes it the whole point " said Violet. " BUT " I said

" Look Em Steve Left you cuz hes a dick its time you get a new man and show Stevey Boy what hes missing tonight." Sarah said pulling me out our hotel room. As we were walking alooked at my surrounding. the walls were lined with gold and green like i was in the Emerald City of Wizard of Oz. we walked down a grand wide stair case and i swear ever guy looks at us like we came down from heaven. As we walked on to the big ball room were the party was being held I was getting nervous. I usually do when it comes to things like this, I hate crowds. the dancefloor was like any other club. we walked to the bar to get drink auto matically my eye found Steve with two girls hanging all over him. Then and there i decided to hell with steve I'm ganna drink myself stupid and party. I dont know how many drinks i had or what happend but the room was spining so fast boddies dancing around me. and the last thing I saw was a tan arm with tattos on it carry me away. " Its ganna be okay Emmi I'm taking you toget help. Why help I'm fine but the words wouldn't come out then everything went pitch black.

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