Love is LIke a Warm Gun

Emily Jones has a perfect life, rich family loving boyfriend and is in the most popular group in school. But that isnt the life she want. So when she meets Carlos Santeago she never excpected her world to turn form bat to worst is Carlos just another guy or is the way to a life she always wanted.


2. Hangovers and family


The first thing that hurt when I woke up was my head. Well of course my whole body but my head hurt the most. "Oh God what happened last night " I said aloud. "Well ur at my house and have a major hangover, I'll be right back with some tea and aleve for ur head " said Sarah. I plopped back down on the the bed. Sarah's room was so blue I mean everything was the Color blue she changes it every time the wind blows something to do with fug shwa or something. My room on the other hand is white and with less Color the way unlike it. Blank. That may sound morbid but to me it's calming. I have to have something in my life to control sence my parents control almost everything. Oh I forgot to mention my father is a candidate for the mayor of New Orleans. So that means he has to have a perfect family. So when is oldest daughter is getting drunk at a local club that's not a good sight for him. Sarah walks back in with the tea and two aleve. "Did I make the headlines today?" I asked "Nope your image made by your wonderful father is still clean." She said amusingly. "Dont give me that tone Sarah you know how it is at home" I said. And she did, me having to be perfect and with Steve breaking up with me ill hear about from my father later. Steve my ex was the star quarter back at Abramson High school. So Steve dumping me will so tarnish a little of my dads rep. Just as I was thinking of my dad my phone rang. "Hello" I said uncertaint. "Get ur ass home young lady we need to talk  NOW" my dad yells in my ear. And he hung up.

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