In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend (Liam Payne)

“Every great love starts with a great story...” Rebecca Peazer falls for her older sister's boyfriend, the Liam Payne. When they start to spend time together, Liam soon realizes that not only has he fallen for one Peazer but for two.


14. The Dare


Liam’s POV

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Louis shouts out after we spend the last few hours watching scary movies which included Rebecca hiding her face on my shoulder and me being ‘protective’ and wrapping my arm around her securely. I was just being friendly.

I don’t know why but it makes me really happy to see Becca getting along with the boys. I mean, they are really opening up to her. She also has a lot in common with each of them. The minute they asked what she likes and dislikes, Zayn smiled at the fact that she loves art and so they began chatting about that. Louis and Niall gave her a sandwich hug when she found out she watches football and plays FIFA. And Harry smiled brightly at the fact that she is a big Coldplay fan. At one point when I was watching her chat along with the boys, I was pulled into the kitchen by Niall and he told me that she’s amazing and how he it’s sad that they couldn’t have been friends before. I agreed, I wish Becca and I became friends the first time I met her.

Niall was only one who knew about my little crush… OK, my big crush on Rebecca. I’m glad that he didn’t see me as a bad person for this though; all he said was to let whatever happens, happen. He knew that this situation was tough for me because they’re both amazing girls but it’s hard when they’re both related and you like them and you can’t choose.

No, I shouldn’t have to choose. I should only love Danielle.

“Yes, let’s play!” Becca says excitingly.

“Becca, you should know that when you play with Lou, you’re gonna be in for it,” Harry chuckles.

She shrugs and smiles brightly, “I don’t care, let’s just play, c’mon!”

“Alright, alright, we’ll play,” I laugh at her inner child-ness.

We all sat in a circle and of course, I sat beside her.

“OK so since I gave the idea that we should play, I will pick first!” Louis exclaims and I roll my eyes

“Just pick then,” Zayn chuckles.

“Fine . . . Niall, truth or dare?”

“Ugh . . . Dare!”

“I dare you to . . . kiss Rebecca!” Louis says and bumps shoulder with her. I immediately freeze.

Niall gives me a ‘what should I do’ look and I bite my lip.

Why does he get to kiss her? Why did Louis have to give Niall that dare? I admit, I’m a bit jealous, it’s not fair. I look at Becca for a short second and she’s looking down at lap and I can see her cheeks are light pink.

“Aw, is someone blushing?” Harry teases and she looks up and meets my eyes.

“Lou maybe you can give me a different dare ple-” Niall tries to reason.

“Nope! C’mon you two just kiss and we’ll move on,” Louis says. I sigh and look back at Niall and nod for him to do it.

Niall sighs and gets up and kneels in front of Becca who looks a bit scared. He takes her face in his hands and slowly leans in toward her face. I close my eyes for a second because I honestly can’t watch this. All I hear is the other’s - especially Louis – saying ‘get it Nialler’ and howling and whistling at them. I can feel myself frown and I clench my teeth together. I am jealous, there’s no doubt.

Damn you, Louis.

I wanted to kiss her. That’s what I’ve been thinking about doing since yesterday.

This crush is more serious than I thought. I don’t think I can push my feelings for her aside any longer.

I am so in deep trouble.

Rebecca’s POV

I really hate Louis right now. Why would he give that dare to Niall? Don’t get me wrong, Niall is amazing but honestly I just started to get to know him better today and now I have to kiss him?

The gesture was nice, the way he didn’t just kiss me like nothing. He knew that I was nervous and that I wasn’t really happy with this. I admit Niall’s hands were soft when he held the sides of my face in his hands. The moment I closed my eyes, I felt his warm and a little chapped, lips on mine. I don’t know if it’s true that fireworks and sparks exist in a kiss because I didn’t feel anything. Still, it was nice and sweet kiss. I liked this kiss even if I shouldn’t have. I felt myself kissing back and this surprised Niall.

I heard the boys making a lot of commotion over this. We ignored it and his lips pressed a little harder on mine, but I didn’t mind.
I don’t know how long this kiss went on for but I knew it was way too long then I expected to be.

“OK lovebirds, that’s enough! If you don’t stop now then you’ll start snogging.” Harry had said and Zayn laughed.

“I said kiss her Niall, not snog!” Louis joked, making me blush and I pulled away my lips from Niall’s. His hands left my face and he scooted back a little, giving me space.

Niall bit his lip and didn’t look me in the eyes. I don’t know what just happened.

“Well you two certainly had a bit a fun, aye?” Zayn winked.

I realized that Liam was the only one who had said a thing. I looked at him slowly and saw him frowning. There was something in his eyes that showed and all I could see was hurt in them. This made me feel guilty, but why? We’re just friends, he’s dating my sister.

“I, um, I’ll be right back,” I quickly got up and made my way down the hall and went into the bathroom. I could hear the boys asking Niall how the kiss was once I was out of the room.

I wonder what Niall did think of the kiss? Was I a bad kisser? He wasn’t but I don’t know why we kissed that long.

I closed the bathroom door and leaned against it. I ran my hand through my straighten hair and sighed.

It was just a kiss, just a kiss, from a game of truth and dare, that’s all.

So why did I like it so much then?

Maybe because it seemed like he cared for that full minute. Not like the other guys that I have kissed that I thought like me for me. Sure, Niall likes me as a friend, but a kiss from a guy friend is better than a kiss from a jerk.

I stayed in the bathroom for a couple of minutes until I heard someone knock on the door.

“Becca?” The familiar Irish voice sounded concern. “Are you alright?”

I hesitantly opened the door and saw Niall looking guilty and yet, happy.

“Yes,” I breathe out.

“I, I just wanted to check on you,” he explains.

“Thanks Niall, I’m fine, I just, I had to be alone for a few minutes,” I said honestly.

“I know what you mean,” he sighed and took off his snap back and his hand through his dirty blonde hair then putting it back on.

“So about, uh, about what just happen . . .” He continues.

“I’m sorry; I know I must be terrible at it and that I agreed to doin-”

I was really shocked when I was cut off from speaking further by Niall’s lips on mine. I didn’t kiss back this time because I was in pure shock.

Why was he kissing me again? It only last for a mere five seconds but my goodness those five seconds were enough to get my heart beating out of my chest. I dont know why but I felt as though I was betraying Liam somehow.

He pulled away and smiled timidly then whispered into my ear. “I find you to be an excellent kisser actually,” and with that, he left me standing there in daze by the bathroom door.

What the hell just happened?



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