In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend (Liam Payne)

“Every great love starts with a great story...” Rebecca Peazer falls for her older sister's boyfriend, the Liam Payne. When they start to spend time together, Liam soon realizes that not only has he fallen for one Peazer but for two.


2. Oh Hey Dani... And Liam


Chapter 2. Oh Hey Dani... And Liam


“OK, on three, smile. One…two…three, say cheese!” I say with a goofy smile and the two young girls smile widely and stare at the camera as I take the multiple shots.

I’m currently at work and my job is a photographer for family portraits or for any special occasion. Right now I’m taking lovely photos of the Darling’s Family. They come over all the time and take photos together. They always request having me take them because I somehow manage to get the kids to smile and they can still have fun.

“Great job Kelly and Kaylah,” I say. “I think let’s try one more pose and then we’ll see how they all came out,” I smile.

“Can we take one with blocks?” Kelly asks me. She’s age five and Kaylah is age seven.

“It’s up to your mum hun,” I chuckle.

“Mum! Can Kaylah and I take pics with big letter blocks? Please!” Kelly begs.

“Sure baby, go ahead,” she insists and I nod and go grab the giant wooden blocks and fix them together. I instruct the girls to sit on top of them and pose for me. They listen and smile when I take the photos.

After I’m done, we head to the front and of the studio and Mrs. Darling picks the ones she likes while Mr. Darling argues which ones he likes best. They pay for their photos and as usual, I give the girls a ‘prize’ for doing so well and they squeal when I hand them tiny rainbow bears.
Once they leave, I grab my stuff and say bye to my manager and co-worker Stephenie and head home.

The moment I pull up to the street I live on, I notice the familiar vehicle in the driveway and notice my parents’ cars aren’t there.

“Looks like Dani is home,” I mumble and sigh as I park on the side. I grab my bag and head to the door and grab my house key and quickly unlock it.

The moment I take a step inside, it’s quiet. I shrug it off and head the kitchen because I’m starving. Well that was a wrong move because you have to go passed the living room and when I did, I notice Danielle on the couch. And she’s not alone. She and Liam are snogging. Gross.

I roll my eyes and don’t bother saying hi and head to the kitchen. I put my bag on the kitchen table and open the fridge and begin looking for something to fill my tummy.

“What to eat, what to eat…” I say to myself and look inside the fridge. After a few minutes of searching I decided to eat a Nutella sandwich with pretzels on the side. I love Nutella.

I grab my plate and seat at the dining room table and eat quietly as I stream through Twitter on my phone. I decide to tweet because I haven’t in a while.

@BeccaSPeazer GREAT DAY at work! Love my job! Now enjoying a Nutella sandwich... #productiveday

I admittedly got a few retweets and favorites. I do have quite a lot of followers, over ten thousand, mostly the boys’ fans. I don’t know why they follow me… I’m not famous or talented like them. They should stick to just following my sister instead. Maybe it has to with the fact that all the boys except Liam follow me. I blocked Danielle so she can’t see my tweets. Plus she’d get mad if she knew that sometimes reply to my tweets and follow me.

I look through my mentions and smile when I see that I got a reply from Niall.

@NiallOfficial: @BeccaSPeazer I would KILL for a Nutella sandwich right now! Make me one?

I shake my head and reply back.

@BeccaSPeazer: @NiallOfficial Sure let me send it through the mail! Haha :)

I suddenly gain one hundred followers, oh poo…

@NiallOfficial: @BeccaSPeazer Are you being sarcastic with me? hahaha

@BeccaSPeazer: @NiallOfficial Noooo I was totally being serious with you… #stillbeingsarcastic ;)

A lot of replies and follows…

@NiallOfficial: @BeccaSPeazer I thought you were nice! We’re no longer friends!!

@BeccaSPeazer: @NiallOfficial But we never were…. Haha Ooo! Want some ice for that burn? Just kidding!! :)

@NiallOfficial: @BeccaSPeazer #CurrentlySobbing that’s mean! Hahaha next time I see you, you owe me some Nutella sandwiches :)

Whoa! I already gained two thousand more followers. Sigh…

@BeccaSPeazer: @NiallOfficial Whaaa?? Oh poo :( Haha sure sure

After a few minutes, I knew he wasn’t going to reply but he does end up sending out a tweet though.


I couldn’t help but laugh and it was in a matter minutes that the tags #NiallerCrazyForNutella and #NiallLovesNutella became worldwide trends, making me laugh more.

Gotta love that kid. I looked through my mentions and a lot of girls asking me if Niall and I are dating, of course they would. Did they not see the tweet that says beings friends? All the playing around? Before I could tweet out that Niall and I are just friends - even though we’re not because we haven’t seen each other in a while – I see that he has already tweeted a new tweet about it.

@NiallOfficial NO. I am not dating Becca. We’re just friends so please don’t send her hate. Thank you!!

And of course they were replies saying they knew that and asking if I was really related to Dani.

I put my phone away and continue to eat my sandwich until I am interrupted by fake cough.

I sigh and look to the side and see Danielle and Liam holding hands and smiling. Something about that bothers me for some reason. I shrug it off and wait for them to say something.

“Are you not going to say hi to me?” Danielle asks me. I give a side smile and stand up to give her a hug. She hugs me tight and I pat her back. We don’t really talk that much, only when she visits.

"Hey Dani," I say.

When we pull away, I shyly smile at Liam. “And Liam, hi,” I nod.

He smiles back and gives me an awkward side hug which I hug back. “Hey Becca,” he slighted whispers. “How are you?” He says as he pulls away. I can’t help but look into his beautiful brown eyes. I look away quickly and clear my throat that suddenly felt so thick and hard to breathe.

“I’m alright,” I shrug. “How about you?”

“Oh…Well I’m great. Just glad to have some time off so its great to be with family and friends before we start flying around and get back to work,” he says.

“That’s good, how are the boys?”

“They’re the same as always, mischievous and crazy,” he chuckles and so do I.

“Well then that’s good too,” I smile. I look at Dani who looks bored with our small conversation. When she notices it’s quiet for a few seconds, she looks at us and smiles. The thing about her is that I can never figure out which smiles are fake or not.

“We should let Becca finish eating, besides, the movie is going to start soon, so we should head out…” She says.
I nod and walk back to the table and sit down.

“We still have another hour Dani,” Liam tells her. “Do you want to join us Becca?” I’m caught off guard by his invite. Oh no. Dani is going to get mad at me.

“Um, I-I can’t, I mean, I’m pretty tired from work,” I explain but I can see he doesn’t buy it.

“Aw c’mon it’ll be fun and plus we’ve never hung out bef--” He’s cut off by Danielle.

“Liam, she says she’s tired so let her sleep,” she snaps and I look down at my food awkwardly.

“Um, alright,” he says almost disappointedly. “Maybe next time then?” He offers. If only he knew there will never be a next time.

“Sure,” I fake smile and munch on my pretzels. He smiles back, then leaves the room with Danielle right behind him but she doesn’t leave the room without shooting me a death glare before being out of my sight.

“Oh great…” I mumble. I’m probably going to get a talk from her later. Oh joy…

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