In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend (Liam Payne)

“Every great love starts with a great story...” Rebecca Peazer falls for her older sister's boyfriend, the Liam Payne. When they start to spend time together, Liam soon realizes that not only has he fallen for one Peazer but for two.


9. Double Date


Third Person POV

The moment Rebecca heard the doorbell ring, she became nervous. She was didn’t know why though because she had gone on a few dates before. Maybe it was because it was her first blind date. Plus he is also American.

She fixed her pink floral skater dress before opening the door. She smiled instantly as she saw a handsome looking Liam who wore a white button down shirt and black slacks. Rebecca couldn’t help but stare at him. The truth was, Liam stared at her appearance as well.

“Hey Becca,” Liam said with a smile.

“Hi Liam,” she smiled back.

“You look beautiful,” he comments.

This causes her to blush.

“And you look handsome,” she says with a playfully wink and this causes Liam to blush himself.

“Uh, we should get going. Your date is probably waiting for you,” he smiles weakly. Becca didn’t notice this and she just nodded.

For some reason, Liam couldn’t be happy for her. It wasn’t because he didn’t want her to happy but because he thought whoever this guy was, he wasn’t going to be good enough for Becca.

He admits to himself inside that he is upset with Danielle. Why would she set Becca up with some guy she doesn’t know? Why did this have to be a double date?

When they both got in the car, Becca saw her sister applying lipstick in the car and didn’t bother greeting her sister as Liam began to drive off.

Becca had no clue to where this double date was going to be. She just looked out the window and tried to figure out herself.

It was extremely quiet inside the car until Danielle broke the silence.

“You better not be this quiet when you meet Trevor. I don’t want him to think you’re boring,” she says.

“Fine,” her younger sister replied but this didn’t help with the nervousness she was having.

“How old is this guy anyways Dani?” Liam asks her.

“He’s twenty-one,” she replies back.

Liam didn’t like that answer. He thought he was too older for her. This gave Liam another reason to dislike Trevor, even though it wasn’t a good enough reason to.

Why was he worrying about this date? Becca might not even see this guy again. But the question Liam kept asking himself.

Why did it matter?

“Don’t you think he’s a little too old for Becca?” He asks his girlfriend as Becca kept quiet in the backseat.

“My sister can handle an older guy, right Becca?” She says annoyingly, not liking how Liam seems concern for her little sister.

“Um, yeah, it’s alright Liam,” Rebecca tells him.

After her response he doesn’t say anything else and lets the subject drop.

Rebecca couldn’t help but be thankful for how Liam somehow cared for who her date was.

Finally they arrived at what seemed to be an Italian restaurant. Liam parked the car and he and Danielle got out. Rebecca could feel her heart racing faster by the second. She got out of the car as well and walked behind her sister and her boyfriend.

The second they stepped inside, Danielle immediately pulled Liam with her to say hello to a very, very handsome young lad who was almost dressed the same as Liam as well. Rebecca bit her lip.

‘This can’t be Trevor.’ She thought to herself. He was extremely fit in both ways.

Danielle hugged the guy and quietly introduced Liam and they both shook hands.

Liam didn’t like him.

He could tell something wasn’t right about him, he just knew it. He looked back at Rebecca who was staring at Trevor.

‘Is she already falling for him? She hasn’t even spoken a word to this guy and she’s already drooling over him!’ Liam thought.

Danielle signaled Rebecca to come forward and she did. Trevor looked at her carefully and smiled widely.

“Hello, you must be the beautiful Rebecca,” the handsome lad says to her. She immediately blushes and smiles shyly.

“Yeah that’s me, you must be Trevor,” she replies.

“Yup, that’s me,” he laughs and she small butterflies irrupt in her stomach.

“We should go take our seats,” Danielle interrupts but they both agree and follow her and Liam.

Rebecca seats beside Trevor and in front of them sits Danielle and Liam.

Danielle begins to talk to Liam and this is a sign that Rebecca catches as to talk to Trevor alone. Trevor seems to see this as well so he turns to Rebecca and gives her his full attention.

“So tell me about yourself?” He asks politely.

“OK, um, well first, you can call me Becca for short. I’m eighteen, I just graduated, I work at Millie’s Portraits as a photographer. I love art and on my spare time I ready, run marathons, or do community service. Oh and I would like to travel the world one day,” she tells him.

“Becca, I like it. And I like running marathons too!” He says happily.

“Really? Then tell me about yourself now,” Rebecca insists.

“Alright. So as you can tell, I’m not from around here. I was actually born in small town in Texas but was raised in Miami, Florida. I love to dance, that’s what I do. I also like to sing, run marathons, boxing, surfing, go to music festivals…” He says.

“Boxing? As in you do boxing?” She asks in shock.

“Yeah,” he nods and chuckles. “It helps relieve stress off my shoulders sometimes.”

“That’s so cool, I would love to try that!” Rebecca tells him.

“Maybe I can take you with me next time I go,” he suggests.

“Sure,” she nods happily.

The waiter comes and they order their drinks and discuss on what to order. Surprising, Trevor and Becca order the same thing and end up laughing about it.

The two of them talk until their foods arrive and not once did they have a conversation with Liam and Danielle.

Liam would pretend to look but honestly he was bored and he hated that Becca and Trevor were having a good time.

Becca felt already close to Trevor. He was really nice and funny. They had a few things in common such as liking the same movies and music, and they just found it nice that not once did they have run out of things to talk about.

Even though they were having a great time, Becca didn’t know for sure if she saw Trevor as a guy she could see herself dating. But she would like to be friends with him for sure.

The night ended sooner than what the two happy had wanted. Liam was happy that this night was over already. Danielle was actually happy that her little sister was happy and getting along with Trevor. She hoped that now she would permanently leave Liam alone.

They all walked out of the restaurant together and Trevor didn’t want to say goodbye to Becca yet. He really liked her.  He was thankful that Danielle had set him on this date with her sister.

“I really wish we didn’t have to say goodbye already. I feel like the night is still young,” Trevor chuckles causing Becca to giggle.

“Who says it has to?” She smirks. This causes Liam to snap his head back toward their direction. He thought they would say goodnight now.

“Well it’s almost ten; do you want to go catch a late night movie?” He asks her with hope.

Becca smiled and nodded.

“Is that alright with you Dani?” Trevor asks her.

“Sure, but can you take her home when you guys are done?” She asks him and he nods in reply and smiles at Becca.

“Alright then you two have fun then,” she winks at the couple who end up walking to Trevor’s car across the parking lot and she takes Liam’s hand as they walk back to her car.

Liam was mad. That’s all he felt at this moment.

‘Why am I feeling this way?’ He asks himself.

Because you’re jealous.

Liam couldn’t believe that he was jealous. Why was he jealous of whom Becca went out with?

He knew the real reason why but he didn’t want to admit to himself because he knew it was wrong.

The truth was that he was falling for Rebecca.



A/N: I felt like this was the worst chapter ever. Sorry! I just needed to get this one out of the way. Oh the reason why I did Third Person POV was because I didn't want to go back and forth between Liam and Becca.

Will update soon!

Thank you for reading xx :)

- Manda Rae


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