Over Again

Harry Styles, a member of the most hottest boy band in the world, one direction, has been dating Summer Clark. She is everything to him. Their relationship has gone on for a year without fail. Nothing could tear them apart. Nothing. Until after an accident which killed Summer. Harry is heart broken. He was just about to give up until he met someone who looks exactly like Summer.. Could it be? Is it her? Was this another chance for Harry to fall in love with her Over Again?


9. Her Doppelganger

Harry POV

"Hey.. It's alright now" I calmed her. She was really scared. I could tell. Her body was shivering. I wrapped my arms around her. "Hey, what's your name? It's all right now. I won't hurt you." She slowly but still quivering, looked up at me. I went into shock. The brown eyes, the shaped eyebrows, the wavy brown hair. I hesitated to speak.

"Summer?" I whispered. I couldn't believe it. Is this real?

"What?" she stuttered quietly. She was still very scared. Almost traumatized.

"Summer?! Oh Summer I miss you!" I said in relief while instantly pull her close to my body and hugged her. She pushed me away.

"I don't know you. And.. Why do you keep calling me Summer?" that's when it hit me. It wasn't Summer. She just really look like her. Like exactly. I took my arms off her and looked away feeling embarrassed. There was an silence. A sudden wind passed us. It was pretty cold.

"Hey, um.. Sorry for hugging you and calling you Summer. You just really looked like.." I didn't want to say her name. It'll make me start crying again. I am still not over it. After all, her funeral was hours ago. "someone I know." she looked at me and gave me a forgiving smile. There it was. Summer's signature smile. The one million pound smile. I never though I would ever see it ever again; I was wrong.

"It's alright. You did save me from those guys." she paused, "thanks for that."

"No problem. Anytime." We both exchanged smiles. "Um.. can I take you home? It's really late and it's also pretty dangerous out here in the dark." her smile faded and she looked away. "What's wrong?"

"Well, I actually have no where to go. My stepfather kicked me out."

"oh.." I was pretty surprised. Was she bad at home? Was that why she was kicked out? But she looked so innocent. I wanted to ask her why but we only just met and I don't think she'll be that opened to me. "Well can I take you to my apartment? It's just for tonight. I'll find you a Hotel in the morning." she looked away trying to debate on whether she should take my offer.

"Look, I don't usually accept these things with strangers but I sorta trust you enough too." She gave me a half smile. I gave her a whole. I walked her to my car and went straight to the hotel. There were still screaming fans. It was like 11 or something, but I'm not that surprised that they're still here. I grabbed her hand and guide her to the entrance. At the same time, I was protecting her from the fans. She was scared and shy. She didn't know what was happening. Does she realise that I'm Harry Styles? The 1/5 of One Direction? We got inside and I escorted her to the elevator. 

"Um.." she began. She looked at her hand. It was the one I was holding still.

"Oh. Right" I let her hand go and stood there awkwardly. "Um, I didn't really get your name."

"It's Dawn. Dawn Greyson" she replied. Dawn, I thought to myself. Isn't it weird how dawn is the time of a day and Summer is a time of a year? Probably just a coincident. Dawn was a beautiful name. "And your's?" I smirked at her when she asked me who I was. "What?" 

"You really don't know who I am?" She took a long looked at me until I saw her eyes widen.

"Oh. My. Gosh. You're Harry Styles!" I gave out a laugh. She was now no longer scared.

"Did the hair gave it away?" I joked. We both laughed. The elevator made the ding sound. We were finally on the right floor. I showed her to my apartment. She looked around when we got in. I closed the door behind me. The apartment was small and not many fancy things. Summer and I liked it simple and cosy.

"You have a nice apartment."

"Thanks." She continued to look around and did not dare to touch anything. "Uh.. you should go shower and get some rest. It's almost 1."

"Sounds good but I have nothing to wear." she grabbed the joint of her other arm and leaned on the wall.

"You could wear one of my shirt. It's in that room in the closet. Feel free to choose whatever one you want. And I guess you could easily find the bathroom."

"Thanks." She stopped leaning on the wall and walked inside my room. The reason why I didn't tell her to wear Summer's clothing because she might feel uncomfortable and it's Summer's. I want her scent to still be on her clothing every time I open the closet door. I went to the kitchen and looked through the fridge. There was barely anything. Summer was the one who buys the grocery; not me. I found some leftover pizza I had like 2 days ago. I pulled it out and smelt it to check if it was spoiled. It seemed alright to me so I heated it in the microwave. I ate it alone on the kitchen counter. When I was finished, I grabbed my phone and dialed Zayn's american number.

"Vas happenin Hazza?" he answered right away.

"Hey, mate. Look, I found this girl who was being harassed by theses 2 idiots and saved her. She looks exactly like Summer. Like exactly!" I stretched out the last word.

"Maybe you might be hallucinated Harry. It's not possible."

"Well it is Zayn. If you don't believe me, come by my apartment tomorrow."

"Wha-what? She's in your apartment? Harry.."

"It's alright. She was kicked out by her stepfather and have no where else to go. I just had to help her. There was just like th-" I was interrupted when Louis asked who was Zayn talking to.

"It's Hazza."

"Oh hi Harry." Louis greeted. "So what's up?"

"Harry says he save this girl who looks exactly like Summer. Like exactly. And she's stay at his place for the night." Zayn explained. I stayed quiet since Zayn was doing a good job doing so.

"A girl who looked exactly like Summer? You mean like Summer's Doppelganger" Louis asked Zayn.

"I guess so." he said back to Louis. Dawn came out of the room wearing one of my T-shirts. It was very big on her. She looked a but shy.

"Look guys, I gotta go. Bye"

"Bye Harry." I hung up.

"Harry.." Dawn began looking worried. I quickly walked towards her. I was concern why she was worried.

"What's wrong?" She turned around and walked back into the room. I followed. She led me to the desk. On it was picture of me and Summer.

"Is she the person who you said I looked like?" I sighed and nod. She picked the frame up. "This is impossible, she looks exactly like me. It's like I'm looking at my own reflection." I didn't say anything. I told her that I was going to shower and that she could sleep on the bed. 


Dawn's POV

I walked into the room while Harry was still outside. I can't believe I'm in Harry Style's apartment! Any girl would die to be in my position. I instantly found the bathroom and showered. It felt nice in the hot water. I didn't shower long since I didn't want him to think I take forever in the shower. It was basically a rinse. I finished shortly after and wrapped myself in a towel. I walked out of the bathroom and looked through the closet. I saw some woman clothing on one side, and his on the other. Is he living with someone? Is he with someone? I wouldn't really know these things since I'm not that obsess with One Direction sadly. I grabbed one of his shirt and put it on. It was long enough to cover my underwear. it was up to my thighs. I guess I was just short. I was about to go outside to him until I heard him talking on the phone.

"Hey, mate. Look, I found this girl who was being harassed by theses 2 idiots and saved her. She looks exactly like Summer. Like exactly!" Harry said. I think he was talking about me. I didn't want to  eavesdrop so I walked away. I looked around the room. It was decorated beautifully. It was simple and cosy. The bed was right below the window. I continued to walk around until a picture of Harry and this girl. I took a closer look at it. I flinched. The girl looked like me. Like we have the same everything! I wanted some answers so I walked out the room and waited for Harry. He saw me and told whoever on the phone that he gotta go.

Harry.." I began. He then quickly walked towards me. 

"What's wrong?" I turned around and walked back into the room. He followed and I led him to the desk where the picture was.

"Is she the person who you said I looked like?" he sighed and nod. I picked the frame up. "This is impossible, she looks exactly like me. It's like I'm looking at my own reflection." he didn't say anything and told me that he was going to shower and that I could sleep on the bed. I agreed and put the picture down. I went to the bed and got under the cover. It felt so good to be in some soft blanket. It must be expensive. I lied down trying to sleep. I couldn't. I feel alone. I have no friends because they all betrayed me. My mother pasted away when I was very young nd my abusive stepfather kicked me out. All bad memories kept flooding back. I kept tossing and turning. Harry came out with a towel wrapped where his waist is. He has so many tattoos. He's actually pretty hot. I absolutely adore his butterfly one. He looked at me and told me to turn around in a playful way. I rolled my eyes and looked away even though I was tempted to look again. I heard him shut the closet door and about to walk out of the room.

"Wait." I called out to him. He stopped. "can you please stay here with me?" He gave me a soft smile.

"Sure" he walked to the bed and I scooted over to the left side making space for him. He was just in his boxers. I slept on my side facing him. He looked at me. 

"Harry, you don't have to be here if you feel uncomfortable. I understand how you have a girlfriend. I'm just a bit still traumatized with that whole incident with those men." Harry gave a sigh.

"She's not my girlfriend anymore."

"Oh.. I'm so sorry. What happened? Did you guy have a fight?"

"No.. she passed away a week ago in a car accident." My face turned into a concern look.

"I'm very sorry for bringing it up. I didn't mean to."

"It's alright. Um Dawn?" I just looked at him assuming my eyes tell him I said "yes". "why aren't you all over me like other girls?"

"Well, not to be rude or anything but I am not the directioner type. I just know you guys and some of your songs. It's not that you're bad, you are very good. I just don't follow along with your lives."

"oh. I understand." We didn't talk for a moment there. "One more question, why did your stepfather kicked you out of the house?"

"He accused me for always doing it with many guys, which is not true. It's was just one of his excuse. When my mother died, he became my legal guardian. I didn't like him. He was always abusive. I guess he was just too cheap to provide me anything."

"Well that man is a jerk." I laughed.

"Yeah, he was. Now let's get some sleep. Good Night Harry."

"Night Dawn" I rolled and slept on my side facing away from Harry. I closed my eyes and felt Harry's warm body. he wrapped his arms around me. I allowed him to and held his hand. After that I fell fast a sleep. Everything felt safe. Everything felt right.

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