Over Again

Harry Styles, a member of the most hottest boy band in the world, one direction, has been dating Summer Clark. She is everything to him. Their relationship has gone on for a year without fail. Nothing could tear them apart. Nothing. Until after an accident which killed Summer. Harry is heart broken. He was just about to give up until he met someone who looks exactly like Summer.. Could it be? Is it her? Was this another chance for Harry to fall in love with her Over Again?


2. Crazy planners

Harry's POV

I quickly finished my breakfast and got dressed. I was planning on taking her to a private boat for dinner. Everything is going to be perfect! I'll buy a suit and a 3 dozen roses. I am pretty excited about planning all this today. Before I could plan everything, I have to keep her from finding out. Maybe I should text her I thought to myself.


To: Summer

From: Harry

Hey babe. If you come back early, I just wanted to let you know that I will be hanging out with the boys today. We need some bro time ok? They keep complaining that I'm always with you! XD Anyways, Love you. Bye 


A few moments later, she replied. I was pretty surprised how fast she replied. Isn't she in her interview or something? Probably it was getting boring.


To: Harry

From: Summer

That's fine. Go have your "boy" time with the rest of the band. You deserve it alright? Love you so much. Bye XX


I think I have to call the boys incase she calls them.. I dialed Zayn's number. I was pacing back and forward waiting for him to pick up.

"Vas happenin Harry?"

"Hey Zayn, are the rest of the boys with you"

"Yea.. what do you need?"

"Do you mind doing me a favour?"

"Yea.. So whats up?"

"I told Summer that I'll be hanging out with you guys today and-"

"Yes! Fianlly!" I laughed a bit.

"Well no, im actually not."

"Well thats a bummer"

"I know. Sorry. Anyways, could you back me up if she ever calls or meet up with you?"

"Um.. I'll try my best.."

"Thanks mate. Please tell the rest of the boys. Oh yeah, she's at her job interview so I doubt she'll talk to you guys and stuff."

"Sure. Alright. Bye"

"Bye" Now, I could finally go do some planning. It's show time.


Zayn's POV

"Bye" I hung up the phone and went to find the rest of the boys. They were in the living room. Niall was eating crisps and was on his phone, and Liam was playing a board game with Louis.

"Man you cheated Liam" I heard Louis said.

"No I didn't!" Liam replied. They started arguing like kids. This made me laugh. They are 19 and 21 year olds and yet still act like 6 year olds. I had to cut into what everyone were doing.

"Guys, Harry said that he needs us to cover for him if Summer ever ask for him."

"Why?" Niall asked with the crisps in his mouth.

"He's probably doing something for their anniversary" Louis told him. Niall tilted his head up as a sign of saying "oh". 

"Speaking of girlfriends, where's yours Zayn?" Louis continued.


"No, Madonna." Louis said sarcastically. "Of course Perrie"

"She's spending the week with her parent back in England." Liam looked at Niall and put his hand on his shoulder and said after a deep breath, "Don't worry Niall, you'll find someone."

"Shut Up!" He burst out saying while blushing. Everyone started to tickle him. This made him blush REAL badly.


Summer's POV

To: Harry

From: Summer

That's fine. Go have your "boy" time with the rest of the band. You deserve it alright? Love you so much. Bye XX

I sent Harry a reply. A few seconds later, I began to feel stupid. I'm supposed to be in my interview right now, how could I text him? Well, what's done is done. What should I do for him? Maybe the rest of his band will give me some ideas. I got my favourite drink, Ice Passion Tea lemonade from Starbucks, and drove to their hotel. It wasn't very far from where I was. Maybe about 3-5 minutes? After I arrived, it was pretty chaotic at the entrance. There were full of screaming fans. As i got closer to the entrance, A few of them noticed me.

"Hey look! It's Summer! Harry's girlfriend!" one of them screamed pointing at me. Most of them then started to noticed me again. I was then surrounded with screaming girls who wanted my autograph. I am still overwhelm of my fans. I remembered the first time I had to go through this. I signed some autographs, took pictures, and then went to the elevator. I rang the doorbell as soon as i came across their suite. I waited and fixed my hair. I don't think Harry's here yet so I have to make this quick. Zayn opened the door.

"Summer?" He looked pretty surprised to see me.

"Yup" I gave him a hug. "Why do you look so surprised?"

"Um.. I'm not." He responded quickly.

"Uh.. ok.. now are you gonna let me in?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Sorry, come right on in." I walked in and saw Niall getting tickled. "Am I in the middle of something?" Everyone stopped and looked at me. They were also all surprised to see me. "What is it with you people with the surprised looks? Did I do something wrong?"

"Oh Summer.. Hey.." Liam said awkwardly. 

"Aren't you supposed to be in an interview?" Niall asked me.

"Actually, no. My real interview is next week. I decided to plan something for Harry today." Everybody's eyes widen. "Again. Awkward much?" There was a silent moment until I asked where Harry was. 

"Um.. Uh.. Harry is.. is.." Louis began.

"Out eating breakfast" Liam continued.

"No, Harry was eating breakfast back at my apartment.." I told everyone while looking at all of them.

"Oh, he called us and said that he was feeling like eating pancakes, so he went to eat breakfast at IHOP." Zayn finally said.

"Uh.. Ok then. Oh yea, I need your help guys. I'm broke and I need your help on Ideas of what to do for him" We all had no clue at all. These guys were no help at all, but i couldn't tell them that. I love them all very much but when it come to things like this, they're all blank. After a bit, we became bored and started talking. It then lead into jokes. We had a great time.

"You know what would be a funny anniversary date? Going to a drive through movie. I mean, who would take their date there? Romantic much?" Niall joked saying the last bit sarcastically  The boys laughed but that kept me thinking.

"Wait, that's a brilliant plan Niall!"

"It was?" he said obliviously.

"Yeah! Did you know that that was where we had our first date? We watched 'Get Smart'. I gotta do some planning. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to make it private and have it all to us! And! And.. we could watch the movie we watched last year! Yeah!" I grabbed my stuff, ready to leave. "Thank you so much Niall! You'r the best! Ph yeah, I had a great time chit chatting with you guys but I gotta go."

"Uh.. sure thing love." Zayn said as I dashed through the door. Everything was going to be perfect!


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