Love is great

Ellie is a 12 year old girl but when she met Louis her whole life turned around...


1. Louis

My alarm clock woke me up as usual at 6:45. I stayed In bed until 7:00 before getting up to get dressed. When I was dressed I ran down stairs for breakfast; I was so hungry! For breakfast dad had made some pancakes, simple but tasty!

"Mmm yum" I complemented him

"thanks sweetie" he replied.


20 mins later I ran out if the house and walked down the drive to wait for the bus, I was lucky, today it was running early, so I didn't have to wait long. I looked around to see who was on the bus today. Opposite me there was a good looking boy. I introduced myself, "hi, I'm Ellie, what's your name?"  "Louis," he replied cooly, "as its my first day at Newton high, would you mind showing me around, Ellie"

"not at all, Louis" I said it as if I didn't care but secretly I was pleased. I mean, out of all the people he could of picked, he chose me!


when my friend, Ivy got on the bus I introduced her to Louis.

"He is quite good looking," she whispered in my ear, "you should ask him out."

"Ivy!" I whispered back. 


When we got to school me and Ivy gave him a tour of the school.

"This place is massive" he breathed, when we had finished the tour, "thanks you guys for showing me around!" He shook hands with Ivy but kissed my cheek!

"I'll see you at break, Ellie"

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