Love is great

Ellie is a 12 year old girl but when she met Louis her whole life turned around...


4. Dating

"Here we are" I said to Louis bringing him to a boys gang in it there was:





Harry and 


Niall, some of the coolest kids in school! Ivy was going out with Niall, Gabby was going out with Liam, Holly ( Ivy's twin) was going out with Harry, Rosie ( my cousin) was going out with Zayn and I hoped to date Louis! 


As soon as I introduced him I could tell that they were going to be best friends! Then he said something I never thought he would say...


he said I was his girlfriend I looked at his dreamy eyes and I knew, from that moment on, we were going to be together forever!  


He grabbed my hands and took me to the side- out of earshot from the others, and I asked me if  I would be his girlfriend! I kissed him, he was confused at first but then he kissed back. "I guess that's a yes then" he said after we broke away. I laughed and nodded my head. 


He was the first proper boyfriend I had ever had and I was excited



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