Love is great

Ellie is a 12 year old girl but when she met Louis her whole life turned around...


3. Chapter 2

When I walked into registration I went and sat next to my friend Gabby.

"Hi Ellie" she said "you're a bit late today, did you miss your bus?"

"No," I replied, "I was just showing around this new boy called Louis, he goes on my bus and the best part is he's hot!"  

"I am so jealous!" She exclaimed, "will you introduce me to him at break?"  

"Sure," I replied. When the bell went me and Gabby rushed out to English. I could barely concentrate on my work because I was thinking about Louis! 


When English finished I rushed out to find Gabby and Ivy, but I was running too fast so that I banged into someone knocking them onto the floor and me on top of them! I looked to see who it was and to my embarrassment, it was Louis!

"Oh no" I thought "he will hate me now!"  

But all he said was hello and he winked at me! I instantly apologised to him. 

 "Hey, don't worry about it, gorgeous" He said.

"Come on" I said "I have to introduce you too Gabby"  "ok, ok, I'm coming!" He replied


We went outside to find Gabby. She was chatting to Ivy and looked up so I could introduce her to Louis. "Hi" she said "nice to meet you."   "And you" he replied. 


He turned to me, " your friends are really nice, don't get me wrong but I would like to be introduced to some boys If you don't mind!


"ok" I replied.


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