full moon

Vanessa tucker moves to holmes chapel, a small town in chesire. she meets a curly haired boy with a twinkle of mystery in him. she realises he has a secret but what is it? then she meets a boy with blonde hair and falls in love. but hes hiding something to. soon vanessas caght in a love triangle between the two boys she cares about most


1. the boy with the curly hair

i stared at my new surroundings as my dad drove. everything seemed brand new to me. new road, new people, new trees, new building. but it wasn't new to me. I've been here before. loads. when i was a kid i used to visit my dad here every summer holidays. but then i stopped after i moved to America with my mum. but I've come back now. not by choice though, i love my dad with all my heart, but i didn't choose to come back to rainy old england. i have to. my mum and stepdad got in a car accident last week and neither of them made it. now here i am. back with my dad.

"so nessa, how've you been?" my dad asked

"great dad" i replied. things were a little akward. i hadn't seen my dad in 7 years so we had a lot of catching up to do. we pulled into his drive and i saw a boy standing there. he had bright green eyes and beautiful curly hair. he looked so perfect. i stepped out the car and he greeted me

"hi nessa. im harry styles, we used to play together all the time" he said

"oh yeah, i remember you. you're the guy who ended up in hospital after trying to eat a mud pie" i replied. he went reed but laughed it off.

"well its good to know you remember me."  i let a small smile escape my lips

"well im gonna go unpack my stuff. i'll see you at school tomorrow" i said

"no i don't go to the same school as but i can giv you a ride" he replied.

"thanks harry"  replied as i made my way indoors. i went up to my room. it was exactly as i left it 7 years ago. painted a light pink with posters of an old band take that on it. i sat down on my bed and cuddled into my light pink cat duvet

"you alright nessa?" my dad asked coming into the room

"yeah, im fine. just a little tired" i said. my dad nodded and left the room. i lay down in my bed and fell asleep thinking of the boy with the curly hair



*a/n short chapter i know but i just wanted to get this story started. hope you like it and what comes in the near future chapters

thanks guys xxx

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