Property of Harry Styles

"Come On!" I yelled "Quiet Down." He said starring at me. "I'm not staying with you! I swear I will find a way out of this!" He chuckled a bit before looking at me again. "You will NEVER be able to leave, Get that through your head Sweetie." I glared at him before balling my fist and punching him in the jaw. "Yes I will." He looked up at me holding his jaw, I could tell he wasn't the happiest person alive. He stood to his feet and grabbed me, throwing me against the wall. "Don't you ever do that to me again." He yelled grabbing my throat. "You are Mine, and I plan on keeping it that way! Got it!" He screamed in my face. I nodded quickly, and he let go making me fall to the ground. "Your My Property, you do what I say when I say it."


8. Little Girl

Marzia's P.O.V

"So" I said smiling at her. "Where are you from?" She turned to me and smiled a bit. "Im originally from Italy, but two years ago I moved to California with my little sister." She said in a shy tone of voice. "Wait sister?" I asked "Where's your sister?" She smiled a little bit weirdly than quickly answered in a happy tone. "Oh she should be around here somewhere." All of a sudden I heard a crash from downstairs and took off to see what it was. When I got down there Kendal was hidden behind the sofa and Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis and Justin were hidden behind the wall that had separated the kitchen from the living room. I looked around more and saw Eleanor crouched under a coffee table. I turned my head at her and she pointed up towards the kitchen. I ran out to Harry shielding his face. "What the fuck is going on?" I said before a little girl popped up from under the dinning room table. "GIVE ME MY SISTER!" She screamed throwing a glass at the wall. "Wow! Calm down!" I yelled running through the broken glass and to her side. "I said...GIVE ME MY MOTHER FUCKING SISTER NOW!" She screamed louder throwing a plate at me. It had hit me on the wrist and shattered hitting the floor. I could feel the pain but still I knew I needed to stop this brat. I grabbed her arm as she was about to throw a bowl and yanked it back. "OW!" She screamed. Dropping the bowl and letting it shatter. "Let go of me!" She said, I could tell she was out of breath. "Apologize right now or I'm not letting go." I threatened. "I'm sorry." She spat "Now give me my sister!" I let go of her arm and she glared at me. "That kind of attitude will get you nothing." I said in a smug tone of voice. "Will you please just give me my sister." She pleaded "Nope, not yet answer some questions first." I said making her sigh. "Fine Whatever." "How old are you?" I asked making her roll her eyes. "I'm 9 in a half, My name is Kit and I DONT LIKE YOU." She said "That should answer all of your questions." "No and I dont particularly like you either sweetie." I said rolling my eyes. "How did you get here?" Harry said butting in. "Well some big dude wrapped a towel around my sisters face so I did the same to myself and then I ended up next to my sister, she was still asleep so I tried to wake her up. When I heard one of your dumb friends out there I hid under the bed." She said angrily. "You look like your a 14 year old and you have the language of a 17 year old, wanna explain that to me little one." "I'm mature for my age!"

She looked down at her wrist and fixed her little braclete I knew it from somewhere but I didnt know were exactly. "Any more brain busters?" She asked in a childish tone. "Yeah whats that bracelet from?" I asked making her look at it again.

"Its for Pewdiepie, Someone I know you don't know." She said making me smile. "I actually do know him." She smiled too. "Did you happen to find Marzia yet?" She asked. "What are you talking about. "Wow you must not watch him EVERYDAY, He's asking all of the bro's to help him find his lost love Marzia."


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