Property of Harry Styles

"Come On!" I yelled "Quiet Down." He said starring at me. "I'm not staying with you! I swear I will find a way out of this!" He chuckled a bit before looking at me again. "You will NEVER be able to leave, Get that through your head Sweetie." I glared at him before balling my fist and punching him in the jaw. "Yes I will." He looked up at me holding his jaw, I could tell he wasn't the happiest person alive. He stood to his feet and grabbed me, throwing me against the wall. "Don't you ever do that to me again." He yelled grabbing my throat. "You are Mine, and I plan on keeping it that way! Got it!" He screamed in my face. I nodded quickly, and he let go making me fall to the ground. "Your My Property, you do what I say when I say it."


3. Do what I say

Marzia's P.O.V

"My name is Harry, Harry Styles." He said giving me a smile. "and your here because, I think your beautiful in every way." "That doesn't explain why you took me!" I said raising my voice. "I took you because I liked your look, and I wanted you to be mine and only MINE." He said sternly. "Well no thank you." I said standing to my feet. "Where are my clothes?" "Excuse me?" He said standing up and looking at me. "I don't want to be yours." I said again looking at him like he was stupid. He chuckled a bit and sat me back down on the bed. "Well I'm sorry but YOU don't have a choice." "Wait what?" I said shocked at the words that had just come out of his mouth. "You don't have a choice, I want you to be mine and you will be, thats final." He said sternly. "Now you have some rules." "Oh No! I am not following rules to something I don't want to do." He looked at me with an angry face. "Yes you will!" He Yelled making me quiet. "You broke the first rule already! One, You do what I say when I say it. Two, You do not go anywhere I'm not. Three, You Cannot Like any other men besides me! Got it!" I shook my head yes and he pursed his lips. "Look I'm sorry if I seem harsh but..." He said before letting out a loud sigh. "Just please say something, I want to hear your voice." 'Is he serious! Im not speaking to this psycho path! At least not in a language he knows.' "Avete problemi seri tizio." (You have serious issues dude) He laughed again. "What language is that?" "italiana stupido." (Italian Stupid) "Oh Wait!" he said standing up. "Hey Niall!" He yelled. "Yeah?" Another voice asked. "I need your help here." He said before sitting back down next to me. "Yeah Harry?" A boy that I'm assumings name was Niall walked into the room and stood in front of Harry. "She is speaking Italian I'm Going to need you to translate for me." He said. Niall Nodded and pulled a chair over, sitting next to me. "Dovete aiutarmi! Mi ha rapito e si aspetta che io faccia le cose per lui!Si prega di aiutare!" (You need to help me! He kidnapped me and is expecting me to do things for him! Please help!) I said grabbing his arm. "Senti io non posso aiutarti, e non voglio che voi di entrare in difficoltà, in modo da andare con quello che dico. va bene?" He said making me nod. "She said she was a bit lonely and I told her she could meet the other boys." He said to Harry. Harry smiled and nodded. "You can but you have to speak English, Niall is the only one who knows Italian in this house."  I nodded and slowly got up. "Posso fidarmi di loro?" I asked making Niall nod his head yes. "Do you have my clothes?" I asked Harry. "No those are being washed but I picked something out for you to wear already." He said smiling at me and pointing to a folded pair of clothes laying at the end of the bed. "Okay...But get out so I can get dressed." "Hey be nice!" He said with a smile leading Niall out of the room and shutting the door behind him.

Is he serious this sweat shirt is to big and why do I even have to wear sneakers! "Marzia! Are you ready?" I heard Harry Yell. "Sì." (Yes) I yelled to make him mad. He came into the room and smiled. "Perfect! Now follow me." He said leading me out of the room and down some stairs where four boys were standing. "Okay we are ready to go." Harry said smiling. "Where?" I Whispered to him. "We're going to lunch with the boys and their girlfriends." He said with a smile. "Yes." I mumbled, I had an idea.


Way Hey! THANKS! For reading another chapter! Im sorry this one was short as well but hey I promise they will get longer! and more juicy!! Thanks again and remember to Comment Like and suggest the story!


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