operation one direction

when Marie want to meet one direction she goes way too far


2. planning

 im sitting with Ann in her room, were writing out how to kidnap one direction, so far wave got the basic steps(as in chapter 1) to our master full proof plan, detailed step one...buy rope...really detailed i know...step two, go to the one direction concert, i got front row seats and backstage passes...step three...tie them up and cover their mouths before they can scream...step four...there is always a window, use our muscle to drag them out and get to Mikes van before anyone sees...then drive away and go to our secret hideout

"its perfect, it will work" Ann yelled jumping off of her bed and ran over to me, she handed me the paper with my plan on it, but the concert is in two weeks

"since the concert is only in two weeks we have plenty of time to get everything we need, i already ordered the rope, it should arrive at my house in three days max" i say in a low voice since her parents were in the room next to us, "can we go to my house?" i ask impatiently

"yeah, my parents went in there this morning so they wont come out til tomorrow or so" she says as we grab our bags ready to go to my empty house

"yeah, my parents wont get back til next week" i say as we walk out her door

"and the bad news" Ann nudged me

"mikes in charge of me, i told him about the plan before i came over, he said he would drive us there and back and cover for us

"cool" Ann said and started jumping up and down, she likes mike, i can tell just by the way she looks at him

when we get to my house mike is collapsed on the couch with a beer and a bag of takis in his lap

"he's drunk don't bother him", i whisper and we quietly walk upstairs, there is no telling what he will do if we make him mad while he is drunk

from in my room we can make as much noise as we want and the sound doesn't even escape the room, so i blare up the one direction tunes and we dance til we collapse on the floor laughing, we drink dr. pepper and eat takis for two hours then calm down to watch a movie, we fall asleep for two more hours and by the time we wake up its almost dark so Ann stays over for the night

i wake up to the sound of banging in the hallway, either its mike trying to walk to his room or he is doing that on purpose, i walk over to the door and quietly open it just enough so i can see into the hallway, there's a very tall man looking at me with huge red eyes and a very big built body, he looks strong and mean, i close the door slowly and wake Ann up, i bring her over to the door, i open it and the guys gone, i peak my head out and he's right behind the door, i pull my head back in and close the door and lock it

"MARIE!!!!!!" i can hear mike yell from downstairs

"oh no" we grab our stuff and are about to jump out the window onto the trampoline and hop the fence when mike knocks the door down and comes running for us, "go go go now!!!" i yell at Ann, she jumps and bounces on the trampoline, as soon as i jump mike grabs my arm, leaving me hanging out the window, i bite his hand, he lets go and i plummet to the grass, i land on my feet perfectly, i hop the fence and help Ann over, we run as fast as we can all the way to her house three blocks away, were so exhausted we cant even stand up, we collapse on the couch and turn on the TV


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