operation one direction

when Marie want to meet one direction she goes way too far


4. concert and sadness

Ann's P.O.V.

Today was the concert. We are not really, going to do anything bad to them. But, they kidnap fans, so we are going to see how they feel... I feel like I'm just repeating everything.

We were partying at the concert, then went back stage. we hid... and hid... then they finally came. "hey where are the 2 girls who is suppose to meet us", Louis said

"they'll get here when they get here." harry said sitting by himself.

I snuck behind him when none of them were looking and threw him out of the window. now, Niall. he ended up alone. "of course they leave me. Where's Harry?"

i captured him. I went out with them. "what are you doing!", Niall shouted.

"you kidnap fans."

"so you're getting us back. and we take them to our house... without them expecting it. but they only stay there for like a hour"

"but still that's still kidnapping", they looked at each other. "ohhhh", they both said. I shook my head and went in the car. I was going to set them free, but Niall wanted to go with us... weird. Marie met us at the car. i told her about Niall. Why did he want to come with us?

When Niall sat in his room for now, I decided to talk to him. "hey."


"so, why did you decide to come with us"

"i want to because I'm tired of me life", i froze.

"w-what do you mean?"

"you won't believe how many people are mean", he pulled out his phone for twitter. "and someone shouted out that I shouldn't even be in the band. Maybe they're right"

"Niall Horan! You are NOT quitting the band. You are perfect the way you are. Who cares what they say. They may say those hurtful things, but really, they want to be you! If they have a problem with you, then they've got problems. And if you quit, everyone will be heart broken. The band needs you, You may think that they will be good with 4, but One Direction needs you. Don't give up.", I could see tears streaming down his face. I had a couple tears. then, out of nowhere... he embraced me in a hug. My back was really wet.

"thank you so much. I'm so glad I found you", he said

"no problem"

we went off to bed. I kept worrying. I heard him talking to the boys through the wall. I wasn't eavesdropping though. The conversation got louder. I knew something bad was happening by the sound of it.

when he stopped talking, I knocked on his door. "what do you want", He yelled. He sounded like he's been crying for hours. "Are you ok"

"yeah, I'm perfect! why'd you ask"

"because i heard yelling", he opened the door. "you were eavesdropping!"

"no! my room is next door and you were talking loud. I didn't even really hear what you were saying I was trying to sleep. All i heard is Zayn just shut up"

"That's all you heard"


"why can't you just leave me alone"

"because I'm worried. I don't want anything bad to happen"

"everything will be better if you would just leave me alone!"

"really. ok so what you said earlier was a lie."

"I guess it is now", he slammed the door. I ran to my room crying myself to sleep. Why would he say that! I don't want anything bad to happen to him because of all these "fans" who are bullying him. and now the guys are being rude to him. I don't know whats gonna happen.

I woke up and made breakfast for Niall, Marie and I. I made extras incase the boys came over. When it was ready, I knocked on his door. "Niall, breakfast is ready."

it took him about a minute to open the door. He stomped down stairs. His eyes were really red. He was crying like, all night long.

"Niall, You need anything", i struggled to say. I was still upset about last night, like heart broken. He's my favorite out of all of them, and he said that to me.

"no. I'm good. Listen, about last night, I'm so sorry. I was just so upset, i wasn't thinking."

"it's ok. I understand. You had a rough night."

"But I shouldn't have blamed you for it. I need to control me anger"

"Niall, it's fine, I promise."

"thanks. and for this breakfast"

"no problem." we went for a walk about an hour after we ate. We stopped at a park. there was a lake, so we sat by it under a tree. Then, he held my hand. I looked down, and I saw red on his blue jacket. He couldn't have cut himself. he's perfect. He can't do that! I leaned on his shoulder. I didn't want to tell him, because I loved this moment. But, I don't want him to cut more. I'm so confused.

When we got home, I stared a movie and made popcorn. I still didn't ask him to stop yet. I didn't know how to. He put a different jacket on, probably because he didn't want me to know. It was red, so you couldn't see blood.

Niall's P.O.V.

I think Ann saw the blood on me wrists. If she brings it up, then I'm just going to tell her and we will still be happy. I won't get mad at her. She's beautiful. I can't stay mad at her. she was walking back with popcorn.

"why did you change jackets?" she asked. She looks like she knows.

"you know-" she cut me off

"yeah. I actually do know why."

"my other one is red and blue."

"yeah, why did you do that", I saw tears going down her face. tears were forming in me eyes.

"I was having a tough time last night. i know what i did was wrong. I'm sorry"

"it's fine. Just please don't do it again. I don't want anything terrible to happen"

"i promise. I will never do it again." we cuddled on the couch watching the movie. when it was over, we stayed on the couch. She fell asleep in my arms. I fell asleep after her. I'm so glad I went with her. If i didn't my life would be a disaster.

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