operation one direction

when Marie want to meet one direction she goes way too far


8. A week later

Ann's P.O.V.

It's been a week Since the Justin Bieber thing. Niall isn't “sick”, anymore. He is still here with us though. Nothing new, but we have a sorta strong relationship already. He thinks of me as the girl who saved him… He still wants to be away for a while I guess it make since. People are really mean. They were saying really mean thing.

“Hey, you wanna go swimming/”, he asked me.

“Sure”, I put my phone down and got a swimsuit on. I went downstairs to him ready.

“The pool’s cold. Are you sure?”

“How cold?”

“Well, it was about 70, then I put ice in it… pry 60 or 50”

“Oh my god I hate you”

“What?”, Savannah came downstairs.

“The pool is freezing and he made it colder”

“I dare you to jump in”, she said. I ran upstairs and closed my door. I hid under my bed. It’s the last place they would check. I always made it look like it’s just a huge wooden box, but it’s not.

When they came in, they looked everywhere. Then, my phone rang. I tried to block the sound, but Niall moved the piece of wood. “Stupid Lizett!”, she called me.

“Come on, get in the pool”

“No. Lets have fun inside”

“What kind of fun?”, he’s so dirty

“Oh my god! Not yet”

“I was asking what you meant!”, he dragged me out. I dropped my phone and called Lizett.

“Hello”, I heard her say

“Lizett help! I’m about to be dragged by Niall and Marie into a 50 degree pool!”, I yelled


“I HATE YOU”, she laughed evily.

Niall grabbed my arms and Marie got my feet. The rest of my body was handing down. I can almost touch the floor… now concrete. They lifted me a little higher and swung me

“1... 2...3”, they threw me in. it was so cold! I ran out an shut my door.



"That was so cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", she laughed. Niall opened the door.

"What happened! get back in the pool

"Hell no!!! Not in a million years!" he picked my up. "Enjoy my butt in your face", I sad

"What", I heard Lizett say

"Yes, yes I do", I spanked him. "Hey, your is right here, in front of me. I can do more

"Oh my god!"

"Lizett stay outta this", I said.

"Ok, well... COMING MOM", she hung up. Niall let me go on my bed.

"You want me don't you", I said.

"Yes, I do", we kissed passionately and lied down... not sayin the rest...

Marie's P.O.V.

While Ann and Niall ended up doing their "fun", I sat on the couch and watched a movie. After it, they finally came downstairs. "Had fun"

"Yeah", they went to the kitchen and got a snack.

"Cool. The movie just ended"

"What movie"

"The lightning thief"

"Oh I saw that one. I wanna see sea of monsters now", Ann said. "I read both of the books, they were pretty good.

"Cool", I said.

"Maybe we can go now and see it", Niall said.

"Sounds fun"

"Ok, well I bet you wanna be alone, so I will go call Braiden.

"You can come if you wanna", Niall said.

"That's ok. Thanks though", I went upstairs and called him

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