Our Little Secret (15+)

**"I went over to her, pulling her arm and going into the prop room. "HEY! DID I SAY YOU COULD TOUCH ME?" she screamed. "Why do you hate me so much?" I say coldly.Her eyes widen and she looks at her feet at a loss for worse. "Is there even a reason?" I say softly. She looks up into my eyes. "Harry I-" she stopped with her mouth open, not knowing what to say. I laugh to myself. "We used to be so close." I touched her cheek and she surprisingly leaned into it, her eyes closed. "Sometimes a little too close." I smile.She opens her eyes and pushes my hand away. She shakes her head no. "Why Olivia? Because at the moment I don't know the reason why I hate you." I said getting out of the prop room. Did I just say that to her? I stop and think about going back. I can't I already said it, but it wasn't true. I don't hate her. I like her. A lot"**

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8. Chapter 6

Olivia's P.O.V

My breathing became very heavy and I suddenly felt myself finding it hard to catch my breath. "W-What are you doing here?" he asks with as much surprise as I am feeling.

I just stared at him, I couldn't talk. "Okay! Hey guys!" said Brian, our instructor. I blink a few times and turn around to face Brian. He looks at me and smiles. "Welcome back to all my old friends, like Miss.Horan. She's been here for bout 5 years." he says pointing to me. I smile faintly, still trying to assess that Harry's here. "And welcome to a new student, Harry Styles. Don't be shy Harry! Come up here!" he says summoning Harry.

He walks pass me and waves at the class. they wave back while I try to avoid eye-contact, or any contact. Why? Why did he have to be here? He comes and sits back in his seat behind me.

"Okay well so let's get started." says Brian looking through his papers. "Ah yes. The annual starter project. For the newbies I'll elaborate. It's basically, you pick a partner and you see how well you are at collaborating with them. You write one song and sing it to the class, no instrumentals will be provided. You must make the music yourself and play it for us. Simple. Let's start with Harry, our newest recruit." Brian says with a smile.

"Do you see anyone, you might work well with?" Please, no no no no no no. "Olivia." I hear his husky voice ring in my  ears. "Liv? You okay with that?" Brian asks. I couldn't decline. I nodded slowly and I hear various sighs from the room.


This day couldn't get any worse. I walk out of the building and towards the street. "Olivia!" I hear him call. I keep walking, He catches up with me and jumps in front of me, stoping myself in my tracks.

"How come you never told me about this?"he says. "I never knew I had to tell you about my private life." "Oh come on Olivia. You only started hating me 2 years ago. How come you never told me about this when we were..." he shrugged his shoulders and tried to search for a word. "Friends? You can say it, even though it kind of hurts for me everyday." I say continuing my walk "It's just...I-I never knew you were into music." he says with a smile. "Well I am, and even though working with you might be excruciatingly painful I will do it. Mostly because I have a good idea in my head."

"Let me hear it. That's what this project is about right? Working with someone, trying to figure them out." he says. I reach the sidewalk and swing around. "Harry it's been a marvelous first day but unfortunately, I must go home and figure out what I'm wearing for your party." I say. "You're going?" he smiles. "Yea." I pause and say, "With Louis."

I walk away and my vision becomes blurred. I suck in the tears and walk faster. I hate crying, it lets people think I'm weak. I walk into my house and close the door behind me. I put my bag down in the living area.

"Hey sister. How was your extra class?" Niall asks. "Good." I say. He looks down and says, "Louis asked you out today?" I nod and say, "Yea." He smiles and laughs a little. "What?" I say smiling. "Nothing, it's just, I never pictured you with Louis." My smile fades. "Well, you knew who I used to picture myself with." He looks up at me. "Never mind that. Louis and Liam are coming in about 20 minutes if you want to hang with us, you're more than welcome." he says.

I nod and head up stairs. I close my door behind me and collapse on my bed. My phone vibrates. I look at the text:

From Louis: Can't wait for Friday Livi. xx

I smile and write back:

From Olivia:Me neither, see you in like 20 minutes.x

I lock my phone and think about it. Me and Louis. He was the one that most people would say makes the most sense. Obviously that wasn't my way of looking at it.

The next 20 minutes were boring. I mostly just spent it on Facebook and twitter. I hear Louis' voice chirp downstairs, "I'm just going up to use the washroom Niall. I'll be right down." I laugh and roll my eyes. I hear a knock my door. "Come in." I say. He walks in and bites his lip. "I see you've been waiting for me." he says, seeing me on the bed. I stand up on my elbows and laugh, "Yeah alright Lou."

I sit myself up on the bed as he comes over. He puts his hands on my waist and leans down to my forehead. "You know, I think we should do something before the party, so it won't be so awkward when we are there." I look up at him. "And what would that be?"

He leans down to my lips and whispers, "This." I feel his soft lips press against mine. I felt a kind of electricity, and it was shocking at first but quickly died down. His tongue pushed on my lips, asking for entrance which I allowed. As our tongues explored each others mouths, Louis ran his hands up and down my bare back, underneath my shirt. I pulled away and said, "Perfect." I smiled and bit my lip. He pecked lips once more. "That was just a preview. Wait and see what I have in store for Saturday." he winks and leaves the room.

I smile and lie down on the bed. I bit my lip and thought of the kiss over in my head, suddenly Harry popped up and i couldn't focus on Louis' kiss. Just Harry's eyes and his hair and his torso and his arms and his lips. I tried to shake the feeling but it was no use. He's stuck in there.

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