Our Little Secret (15+)

**"I went over to her, pulling her arm and going into the prop room. "HEY! DID I SAY YOU COULD TOUCH ME?" she screamed. "Why do you hate me so much?" I say coldly.Her eyes widen and she looks at her feet at a loss for worse. "Is there even a reason?" I say softly. She looks up into my eyes. "Harry I-" she stopped with her mouth open, not knowing what to say. I laugh to myself. "We used to be so close." I touched her cheek and she surprisingly leaned into it, her eyes closed. "Sometimes a little too close." I smile.She opens her eyes and pushes my hand away. She shakes her head no. "Why Olivia? Because at the moment I don't know the reason why I hate you." I said getting out of the prop room. Did I just say that to her? I stop and think about going back. I can't I already said it, but it wasn't true. I don't hate her. I like her. A lot"**

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31. Chapter 29

Olivia's P.O.V

"What?" I say almost neurotically. She opens her mouth to say something but is immediately interrupted by a loud crash.

I look down the hall to Louis who has his hand wrapped around Harry's throat, pinned to a locker.

I look at Eleanor, still not knowing how to respond to the situation and run towards the two.

"I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND!" Louis screamed, tightening his grip.

"T-ach-hat's wh-hy I t-told you." Harry chokes.

"Louis." I say finally. He looks at me and releases Harry.

He falls to the floor, gasping for breath.

Louis opens his mouth numerous amount of times, tears and anger fill his eyes.

"You-you." he points to me.

I look at Eleanor then back at him.

"You." I say.

"You told her." He says to El.

She nods.

By now we see a crowd had formed around us.

I look at Harry on the ground now looking up at me. I see the hand mark on his throat where Louis had grabbed him.

"Olivia," he croaks.

"SHUT UP." Louis yells, grabbing me.

He pulled us through the crowd, who seemed to be watching us intently.

He stops and turns to the crowd. "Don't you guys have lives?!"

They scatter and mumble as he says this.

He pulls me outside, near the courtyard. He lets me go and starts pacing while wiping his face.

"Did you sleep with him?" he asks.

"Did you sleep with her?" I say back, returning his attention to me.

I see him calm down a bit. "I guess we both messed up." he says.

Tears spill from his eyes. "Do you even love me?"

I go up to him and nod, "Of coarse I do. I would've said it if it weren't true. I'm not that kind of person."

I hold his face in my hands and wipe away his tears.

"Do you love me?" I say. He kisses me gently and nods.

We press our foreheads together and entwine our fingers.

I suddenly get an idea. "I'm going to tell you a secret. And I'm going to be putting trust in you..." I trail off.

He nods and now I pull him towards the old building.

I open the door and turn on the lights. "What are we doing here?" he asks.

I shush him and walk over to my guitar. I pick up ripped old folder with my name on it.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved playing the guitar. It brought me happiness."

I pick up the guitar and face him. He had a gentle smile on his face.

"After my dad died, this was my only escape. The only way to keep me from breaking. I just started to strum and the rest came naturally. Voice wise."

I sit down and rest the guitar on my lap.

I start to strum a bit.

I close my eyes and let the music take me somewhere else. 

"Sing for me." he says softly.

I stop and look up at him.

"Sing with me." I say. he looks down and shakes his head.

"I've heard you at rehearsals, you're good Louis."

He blushes a bit and looks up at me with a nod.

I start to strum.

I start off, hoping he knows the lyrics:

Say you love me
As much as I love you,
Would you hurt me, baby?
Could you do that to me, yeah?
Would you lie to me, baby?
'Cause the truth hurts so much more
Would you do the things that drive me crazy?
Leave my heart still at the door?

I can't help it, I'm just selfish
There's no way that I could share you
That would break my heart to pieces
Honestly the truth is...

If I could just die in your arms
I wouldn't mind
'Cause every time you touch me
I just die in your arms
it feels so right
So baby, baby, please don't stop, no

He starts to sing....right to me....

Ooh, if there is a reason to call me a fool
'Cause I love too hard
Are there any rules?
If this a lesson
Baby, teach me to behave
Just tell me what I gotta do
Just to stay right next to you,

Oh, I can't help it, I'm just selfish
There's no way that I could share you
That would break my heart to pieces
Honestly the truth is...

If I could just die in your arms
I wouldn't mind
'Cause every time you touch me
I just die in your arms,

it feels so right
So, baby, baby, please don't stop, girl

We sing to each other now, and it felt better then, I sang with Harry...

Basically I'm saying here
I can't live without my baby
Loving you is so damn easy for me, yeah
Ain't no need for contemplating
Promise you won't keep me waiting
Tell me, baby, I'm all that you need

If I could just die in your arms
I wouldn't mind
'Cause every time you touch me
I just die in your arms,

it feels so right
So, baby, baby, please don't stop,

If I could die in your arms
I'm a make you believe
That I wouldn't mind, no

He finishes it off

Baby, please don't go, girl

I finish off the last few chords and set the guitar to the ground.

"Come here." he whispers.

He takes my face in his hands.

I kiss him gently.

Just as our first kiss, sparks at the beginning, but they quickly fade.

I pull away. "Louis. I love you. You know that but....what do you feel when we kiss?" I ask him.

He brushes a piece of hair out of my face. "You feel it too." he simply says.

"I feel something but, it's not the kind of feeling you should have when you kiss someone you love."

He nods and says, "I love you so much. But be honest with me, please. Do you ever feel 'fireworks' when we kiss?"

I shake my head truthfully.

"Do you feel them with Harry?" he asks. 

I nod. "Do you feel them with Eleanor?"

He nods. "You know what we have to do." he says.


I kiss him one last time before we get up.

"Bye Louis."

I walk out of the building and head straight for the school.

I walk into the hallway where we previously were.

I see Harry still sitting on the floor, staring at the wall opposite him. 

"Harry." I say gently.

He looks over to me and stands up.

I run to him and wrap my arms around his neck and hug him. He put his hands around my waist.

I savor this moment.

With him.

I pull away from the hug and slam my lips onto his. He deepens the kiss and soon I felt those fireworks that go off like crazy.

We pull away and put our foreheads together.

"You and Lou?" he asks.

I shake my head and look into his eyes, "We're in love with different people."

He smiles and hugs me. He swings me around while we laugh like crazy people.

He sets me down and kisses me gently again, taking my face in his hands.

"I'm in love with this curly hair boy with green eyes, a cheeky smile, and gets jealous very very easily." I say with a smile.

He furrows his brow. "Oh I'd hate to be that guy." he says sarcastically.

I laugh.

"And I'm in love with blonde haired girl with blue eyes, who's knows me better than I know myself." he says with a smile.

"She's sounds dreadful." I say smiling.

He pulls me closer and  brushes our lips. "Quite the opposite actually. You must hate your boy." he smiles.

"Quite the opposite, actually."

We smile and lean in, kissing each other passionately.

If I could freeze this moment in time, I would. I would frame it and never take it off the wall. Because I'm in love with my brothers best friend. Who is also my best friend.....


hey guys, so I wanted Olivia and Louis' break up to be sweet and not so much yelling that they would hate each other. And also this is not the last chapter, believe me you know when the last chapter is. Probably the next one! Thank you all so much, i will give me thank you speech for the last chapter, but right now. Enjoy! Love ya lovelys!!<3


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