Our Little Secret (15+)

**"I went over to her, pulling her arm and going into the prop room. "HEY! DID I SAY YOU COULD TOUCH ME?" she screamed. "Why do you hate me so much?" I say coldly.Her eyes widen and she looks at her feet at a loss for worse. "Is there even a reason?" I say softly. She looks up into my eyes. "Harry I-" she stopped with her mouth open, not knowing what to say. I laugh to myself. "We used to be so close." I touched her cheek and she surprisingly leaned into it, her eyes closed. "Sometimes a little too close." I smile.She opens her eyes and pushes my hand away. She shakes her head no. "Why Olivia? Because at the moment I don't know the reason why I hate you." I said getting out of the prop room. Did I just say that to her? I stop and think about going back. I can't I already said it, but it wasn't true. I don't hate her. I like her. A lot"**

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22. Chapter 20

Olivia's P.O.V

I snuggled up to Louis and watched the movie. half way through he started tickling me. "What a-are y-you-haha-doing, Lou?" I tried to ask while laughing.

He soon was straddling me on my bed as he tickled me, making my stomach hurt. "I'm just TICKLING YOU!!" he screamed.

I put my hands to his stomach and started to tickle him back and soon ended up on top of him hysterically laughing. I tickled his stomach and felt his abs.

I stopped and smiled at him on my bed. He sat up, holding by legs that laid on each side of him. He put a piece of hair behind my ear and cupped my face with his hand.

He smiled at me. I bit my lip and leaned in. We collided. Bodies fitting together. Still kissing me hard, Louis lied down on the bed, me on top. I gripped his hair as his hands explored my body.

This actually feels kind of right, why didn't-wait-HARRY! I pulled away and got off of him. I turned to the movie and bit my lip. "What wrong?" he asked.

I looked at him. He actually looked incredibly sexy right now. Oh what the hell! I grab his neck and pull his face to meet mine.

His hand moves down to my waist as we have a full on make-out session. "Want to have a little sleep-over?" I hear him say seductively.

I laugh and pull away. "Patience Tomlinson." I lie back on my bed as he plays with my hair, twirling it around. He stares at me for a long time.

I turn to face him and look into his beautiful blue eyes. I skim my fingers along his perfect features. I never knew how god-like he looked. "So perfect." I say.

He smiles and leans his forehead against mine. "So beautiful." I smile and close my eyes. He pulls me into a hug and I snuggle into the crook of his neck. It just felt so warm.

He kissed the top of my head and used his finger to lift my chin. "Never think otherwise, love." I smile more and place his soft pink lips on mine. This felt so perfect.

Niall's P.O.V

I know Louis came over. Some friend, not even saying 'hi' to his best friend. Oh well! I took a little walk into town. I walk into the pizzeria and order myself a slice or two.

I walk out and I see Katie sitting on a bench right outside of the ice cream shop.

Her brown hair is in a french braid pulled to the side and she has a floral dress with a jean jacket over it. I smiled at her. She hasn't seen me.

To be honest, yes, I do like Katie but I like us being friends. I don't want to jeopardize that, that's why I told her to go to the party with Harry. She canceled last minute, saying her mum wasn't feeling well. I could've sworn I had saw her mum in the store yesterday, and she looked quite healthy.

I start to walk over to her but i see a boy come out of the ice cream shop, with two cones, handing one to her. I crouched behind a mail box so she wouldn't see me.

I study the boy a little more. Cheeky smile, brown locks, green eyes. It was Harry. I guess, I kind of set that one up. But I don't get it, isn't he into Olivia?

Maybe they are finally getting that they shouldn't be together, you know with her and Louis. Still, this kind of hurt me. i turn around and walk back to the house.

I hear a giggle coming form up stairs. Oh god, they couldn't at least keep the volume down. I make a disgusted face as I make my way into the kitchen.

"It's called young love." my mum says. I place the bag down on the table. "It's disgusting. My best friend and my sister?" I say. I take out the two pizza and put them on a plate.

"Well, she was going to end up with one of them." she says "I just would have never put my money on Louis."

She takes one of the pieces and says, "Thanks for diner sweetheart." and runs into the living room. I laugh at her and grab the pizza from the plate.

Wait a minute. I dropped the pizza and went into the living room. "What do you mean 'she was going to end up with one of them'?" I asked her.

"Well, her and Ha-" "Don't say his name!" I yelled. She crossed her arms and gave me a stern look. "Sorry." I muttered.

"Anyway, Olivia and 'he who must not be named' have been close for a long time and she all of a sudden starts to hate him, after you had a huge explosion the day before. What ever you said ruined a whole lifetime of friendship."

I huffed and went back into the kitchen not wanting to listen to another word of how wrong I was from my own mum. I only did that because I know Harry is a complete- whatever. I sat down and ate my pizza in silence.

Olivia's P.O.V

Louis fell asleep with me in his arms. I look at him. Even while sleeping he was perfect. I admire his perfection.

I feel my phone vibrate and pick it up:

To:Olivia From:Harry Did you get rid of Louis yet? I'm dying to see you beauty! ;) xx

I looked back at Louis and then to my phone.

To:Harry From:Olivia I am reeeaaally tired! I don't think I'll be able to come. Night Hazza! xx

I locked my phone and put it on the night table. He didn't text back all night.

I felt Louis stir at about 10 o'clock. I must've been staring at him for ages. He opened his eyes and said, "Now that's a way to wake up." I laughed and kissed him.

"I should get going." he says, looking into my eyes. I shake my head and say, "Stay the night.I'll take you up on that sleepover."

He furrows his brow, "What about patience?" he asks. I roll my eyes and laugh.I say, "Not that kind of sleep over. Let's just stay like this."

He smiles and kisses my forehead. "That sounds perfect." I lay my head back on his chest as he strokes my hair.

"Louis?" I say. "Mmhmm?" "How long have you liked me?" I ask without lifting my head. He breathes and thinks. "Well, it happened at the end of the year pool party last year.  You were wearing a green bikini with blue dots. We were teasing as usual and you said that I was a big flirt and I said that you were and than we just kind of started laughing. I was staring at you for a while, and then I realized how cute your laugh was. I didn't know a laugh could be that cute. Then I started to just look at you and how pretty and beautiful you are. You are the only girl I have been thinking about for months."

I look up at him and smile. "Now you." he says. "Actually," I say. "I went out with you because I thought it was a friend date, but then I started seeing you in a whole different way after you kissed me."

He smiled and took my face in his hands. He kissed me. For the rest of the night we just stayed up talking and watching movies. We fell asleep around...well I don't even know what time it was. I just wished the night would last forever.

The only bad thing was I didn't think of Harry. Not even once.

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