Blonde Jokes

Even though I am blonde I still laugh about them and if you are lucky I might tell you my blonde moments as I do have them a lot...


41. 40. Betting with a blonde

There is a man on a plane and he realizes he's sitting next to a blonde. He asked her to play a game and so she agrees, so the man says "We will ask each other questions, when I answer one of your questions incorrectly, I will give you £50 and when you answer one of my questions incorrectly, you give me £5".

So the man asks her. "What is the distance from the sun to Jupiter?" The blonde immediately gives him five dollars.

So she asks him "What goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four?"
The man is puzzled. he thinks and thinks and looks it up on the internet and thinks some more and after 2 hours he finally gives up and gives the blonde £50.

The man asks her "What is the answer to your question?" The blonde gives him £5!

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