Little Things Happen. (Complete)

I'm alone.No one likes me,all my friends turned against me.It's dark.They've locked me in the cupboard,left for dead.This is my story of how everyone turned away.


11. The return

I noticed a familurlar figure in the distance,it couldn't be but it was,my dad . I began running as fast as i could but he grabbed my arms and starred at me with his mysterious grey eyes 

"Hello" he said like the evil one in the movies. I began to shake. 

"Be quiet" he hissed.

I breathed loudly.

"That's it!"he screeched covering my mouth with his massive hand

I had an idea.Sneakily i put my hand into my bag and pulled out my phone i tapped in 999 and heard the beep beep beep as they were putting me through

"Hello" the person on the line said.

I began to scream.

"Are you hurt?" she asked.

I screamed again.

My dad snatched the phone off me "we don't need help" he roared aggressively.

Dad began dragging me away but i kicked him in the shin suddenly the police pulled up they raced towards us.They pulled us apart as one cuffed him the other questioned me.

"Do you know this man?"he asked

"H-he's my dad" i said my lips quivering.

"Has he done this thing before?" 

"He just got out from p-prison" i said shaking.

He nodded his head and told me to get into the cop car and to trust him.

We went to the station they arrested him and locked him in a cell they told me there'd be a trial and I have to say what happened,relive it again,i couldn't.

My mum ran in and through her arms around me rapping them holding me tight.

"They told me everything,I'm so sorry"she said biting her lip.

"It's ok mum,It's ok.

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