Little Things Happen. (Complete)

I'm alone.No one likes me,all my friends turned against me.It's dark.They've locked me in the cupboard,left for dead.This is my story of how everyone turned away.


4. The cupboard

I sprinted around the whole school. No Katie. Great. I trampled into the library,awesome,Katie was curled up at the edge of her chair. I stormed over and tugged her chair out, i grabbed her hair and pulled her away.

"Ow,ow,ow!" she started screaming.

"Katie!" i roared.

"What?" she shouted

"You leached the picture,why?" i asked.

She started  running,tearing throw the hallways.

"Katie!" i screeched.

She ran in then turned,i couldn't see her anymore,i went in the same direction.She had ran into the cupboard,i followed her through,she wasn't there, i peered through the tiny window Katie was there her eyes glowing,you could see the joy.But then she showed me a box of matches.She took one out and flicked it on the box, it burst into flames.My eyes already burned from the brightness.She then slide it under the door,she showed me a key and slipped in the door and turned it.I was  locked in, a fire burning before my eyes,i was going to die.

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