Too late.

After being enrolled into a camp for 'troubled children', Brian is having to confront meetings with his councilor. Although, this meeting could save his life.


2. The aftermath

A tsunami of tear flooded from my eyes and I had to bolt out of the door before my true self was revealed. After booting the door of the dormitory down, I flunked onto my mattress.

Where did I go wrong? I had been there for Zach all the time. The reason I am like I am is because of him. He taught me how to be cool and get the girls but the only outcome was my parents forcing me to go to this hell hole.

I have lost a friend. *My only friend. My friend, who taught me how to smoke and wear my jeans low and shoplift, where did I go wrong?
I would have done anything for him.

But would he do anything for you?

Immediately, I pushed the thought out of my head. Of course he would, has done.

He hasn’t done anything; although he taught you how to dress and ‘be cool’ it wasn’t teaching it was training- for his benefit.

NO! That isn’t true. He guided me through life.

No he trained you to shoplift and get caught by the police so he would escape. Remember how he always wore expensive designer clothes? Why would he teach you to dress like that?

A high-pitched scream came out of my mouth. I couldn’t bare this anymore. I had to find out the truth straight away.

I ripped open the cupboard and opened the wooden box.

I had to escape this labyrinth. Swallowing, the powdery substance, I waited.

If I had known, I would have stayed up all night with Zach but I didn’t. So now I will have stay up, with him for eternity. 

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