My Wonderous Adventure


2. 1. Day Dreaming

 Today was boring. I spent all of my class time day dreaming about Niall. I tried so hard to pay attention but its just so boring. I got told by my teachers in every class that I had to pay attention but I didn't listen. My class, math, Mr. Duncan gave me a detention after school. I called mom and told her, she wasn't quite happy with me. When school was over I went to the auditorium for my detention. All the bad kids were in here and I didn't think I would be in here. The drama teacher gave us all assignments to do. Mine was to paint the set. After two hours of painting I could go home. I went to McDonalds before I went home, not wanting to face my parents. When I got home I didn't even see my mom because I bolted for my room. I sat in my bed looking up at the ceiling, day dreaming about Niall. Then I got this crazy idea in my head, but mom would never let me because im only 13. Eventhough I have saved up enough money to buy a car, how was I gonna sneak out and get to the airport? After thinking this over, I decided to make my dream true and meet the boys. I went on line and paid for a plane ticket to London. Then I back a small back with clothes for two weeks. I put the bag under my bed and went to sleep. 

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